War roster change

I feel that we are at a stage in the game where many players are converging into a few populated servers within each region and generally companies can slot their own in each war.

I don’t see why it can’t be enforced that companies can now only slot their own roster into each war and that a company swap CD is introduced, 24h for example.

I’ve seen companies slot/pay for entire other factions to war for them or fill 50% of the roster and it doesn’t make sense to me with how the game was designed.

On top of that, it eliminates the issue of shell/proxy companies holding servers captive.
Although the snowball may be too big to melt immediately, over time wealth is going to dissipate within the mega companies and others will grow; eventually leading to territories being flipped more regularly which if im not wrong was/is already a goal of the devs.

Players can have small companies with friends if they want but the reality is, a small company shouldn’t have the driving force to win and maintain a territory.

An alternative would be give attackers the choice as to when the war occurs since the current siege time system goes against the logic of an ‘attack’ but that seems to be too rp for people to agree with from what ive seen.

TLDR: only members of a company can be slotted for their attack/defence, increasing amount of wars and evening the playing field

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