War Roster Changes?

How is it possible for a major war change to happen to mitigate Shell companies, start with allowing said shell companies to overfill their roster with mercs the night before? Just to have AGS respond with, “The roster was made the night before the patch went live so it will stand”.

Meanwhile we have company members who joined the night before that are being set as mercs when they are in company lol?


I was shown a way to bypass the merc limit today. There’s always new bugs introduced every time there are changes made to wars because war testing cannot be done on the PTR without doing 800 faction quests.

LOL it gets better, apparently you can slot whoever you want because removing people from the roster pulls in the auto fill LOL these devs I swear

It can be done in the PTR, the devs just need to flip a few switches. They have done it in the past. The problem is that there are not enough players to constantly test these mechanics.

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