WAR SCRIMS Gamemode [Suggestion]

This obviously isnt a Soon thing. but something that should be looked at to alleviate the Extremely high barrier to entry to wars.
The 6 Outposts in grey zones could be used to host Casual / Scrim wars.
You Could then make a Lobby similar to an expedition. set a time. Add a password if you want it to be a Company v Company war. or leave it without one for a public war. and you could give each team crowns to set themselves up a viable team.

then the war just acts like normal. starts a instance of a random war map of the 12 we already have. and lets it run. no rewards for winning or loosing. Just Practice wars to get people war experience and Help develop Strategy’s. and Team bonding.

The Game Desperately needs a way to get people into wars. its the most fun gamemode NW has.
with the barrier to entry being so insane. restricting players in an attempt to bruteforce people in wont work.

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