War server Host Severe Lag

a large portion of this entire game is the pvp territory wars. However as a ranged player, how can we hit an enemy player if the character movement near the points is close to 1 FPS. not to mention the light and heavy ranged attacks doesn’t show up to track where your shooting. plus the frames are so low you cant hit opponents because they teleport around the screen, if your close to a group.

not to mention sometimes the player get locked in place and you cant move and you have to spam jump to get unstuck or get hit by an opponent to move.

1080 ti, 4k resolution all setting on LOW. and 12 core 2697v2 cpu, 64gb ram 1600w psu

what exactly is the plan for improving actual service/gamplay/non-lagged war. it is an instance as well so there’s no reason to have a server lagging in a 50v50 game that is an instance. as it can be offloaded into another host.

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