War System Quality of life

Most people here know about how the war system is. You get someone in a slot, you get to see their gear score, and thats it. This is not nearly enough for armies for what is at stake in a war.

If someone wants to get a realistic shot at winning, the army leader needs to pick people based on their weapon, and other times, their gear. This is not easily done with the tools given by the game. The company im in literally created a war application form which required people to list out their weapon, attributes, gems, weight class, and name. It was literally like a pile of resumes. And if they didn’t fill out the form the person didn’t get slotted.

Does anyone realize how difficult it is to contact 50 or more different people and have them fill out a survey is? Its not just dm it 1 hour before the war. No. It takes at least 4-5 hours of catching people whenever they are online ingame. Due to the fact that I was in charge of the surveys this war, I don’t want to have to do this bullshit ever again. I want the game to create a resume sheet for me. Why should I have to spend my time each war whenever all it takes is a properly made army system?

So the solution to the inadequate army system?
Make people have their build snapshotted for whenever they sign up for a war and have the system display it whenever hovering over their name. All the information I need is:
Weapons(includes perks and weapon skills)
Armor(includes gems and perks)
Attribute Points(combined with food)

And then once the people have builds attached to their name, make it sortable by weapon. If I want 8 healers in a war with the maximum amount of focus possible, give and option to sort by focus and then I can pick out 8 within seconds. The picking random people based on attributes is mainly for invasions, but in wars I would no longer have to contact 50 or more people

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