War Tiers by Level - Issue with none level 60 players

I’m on 100 hours into the game, I’d like try some Wars but since I’m not level 60 I’m not drafted into it - fair enough.

Solution: Add PVP content that is capped by level. Give us different tiers of Wars by player level.

Lets say that you must be level 50 to play in the 1st Tier of a War, 40 to play on 2nd Tier, 30 on 3rd Tier.

What would actually affect the outcome regarding wining/losing the War? Tier 1. What will the players receive from playing the lower Tiers? Valuable PVP experience and some chests/azoth/gold (like clearing Corruption spawns)

Thank you for reading,

What about terrority?
Wars in this game aren’t just like that, for fun, they are connected with terrority claiming.

So how would You solve it ?

Tier 1 - level 50 to 60, would decide all of that. The lower tier would be a way to give experience in PVP and give players that don’t have that much time to play and level up because of work/family (like myself), to enjoy a core component of the game.

Sounds good.
I saw some post from devs last days, that they are planning to increase pvp content, by adding tournaments and arenas :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe that would be the solution? leave the wars as it is. Make some arenas and global tournaments for all other players, with tier lvls.


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