Ward Sets are a waste of time

I really don’t know how else to say this. I’m sure it’s been said before.

Remove ward sets. Do not bring in another ward set that nobody wants. Scrap the entire ward perk.

My entire company has already quit because you’re planning to bring in another ward set that nobody wants to waste time leveling.



Hi there, vorpalzvezda! How would you change ward sets personally? Also, we have a new Discord where you can provide feedback as well. :slight_smile: New World Official

Combine every existing ward into 1 “PvE ward” just like Resilient for PvP.


Or modifyAdd a Trophy, and increase house limit. Obviously.


it’s annoying have set for every enemy i agree

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I wouldn’t change wards at all. I would simply remove them. Add in a variety of defensive perks if you must. Ranged, thrust, slash etc. Doesn’t matter. Having to carry around multiple sets of gear for dungeons is already a bunder in and of itself. Let alone anyone who wants to play more than 1 weapon.

Devs have chased away so much of the player base with one mistake after another that many people have had to switch builds. To fill healer roles or tanking roles. And with that switch comes heaps of gear you now have to upgrade. With a 25 run limit I might add. Or simply ignore the PVE aspect of the game altogether.

And we’re not leveling another one. I’m not leveling another one. I have 0 intention of coming back to New World to level up more ward gear. On top of having to re roll almost every single piece of gear I’ve already collected.

I do say this from the bottom of my heart. Tell your devs to get their heads out of their proverbial. Because you’re bleeding something like 10,000players a month. Not a single thing I’ve said is untrue. And this combat overhaul is not enough. Sadly. I’ve seen the PTR changes. And then the PTR changes again. And maybe even another change before it goes LIVE.

Simply put, ward gear & mutations are just fundamentally broken system. Sort of like how combat was/might still be a broken system. I don’t play PTR so i’ll reserve judgement on that one till it’s live.


Here is my hot take on it:

Convert all standing and future Wards / Banes into:

Aeternum Ward
Aeternum Bane

Make sure that Ward is in the same perk category as Resilient so they both can’t roll on the same piece. (Because that is pointless and instantly is a salvage item).

Multiple bonuses would come from this:

You can make as many expeditions with multiple enemy types as you want and players won’t be mad at you.
Casual players might come back because the bar for mutations isn’t so damn high.
Crafting would see a small boost because you reduced the rng a bit on bis items for both pvp and pve items.
Drops from dungeons could be further cusomized (made special) by allowing them to have forbidden from crafting pve perk combos (Like Aeternum Bane + Ancient Bane).

EDIT: It would also fit in really nicely with your new gear set system. 1 pvp set, 1 pve set… More sets to earn / purchase if you want to diversify further.


Here we go my TAKE:

Collect 5 pieces of special ward drops from dungeons. Make it 5% chance to drop for example in mutation with angry earth a legendary (root) collect 5 of these and enhance you angry earth trophy to grant 5% ward.

Make it so that every time you collect 5 (roots) you can enhance your trophy with another ward % to effectively replace one piece of gear to not have ward until you can replace all ward perks with something else.

You can for example make it cost 10 stopwatches Flame cores Void essence etc all kind of rare mats that are hardly used.

They haven’t even begun to address the tedious cluster that is housing and territory in this game. Let’s keep it in the scope.

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Guys, with the fortify nerf and no ward you gonna die fast on Mutation you know that?

I won’t even be playing so easily solved :rofl:

And I’m not alone.

remove all ward sets is best fix.


Fix this by buffing the Ward protections considerably.

Remove wards, or bake them all into 1 perk. Needing multiple sets is needlessly tedious and very off putting for anyone trying to get into the game. You already need other sets if you wanted to use a different weapon setup too, or armor type. Too many damn sets in this game.


If we only needed a single piece of ward gear. I could live with it. It’s not a bad suggestion. Make sure it’s explicit they do not stack. and let it max out wherever at 625.

A bunch of armor for every occasion. Anyone against ward sets is in the wrong game type. Different armors with different resistances is what drives expansive RPGs. I think they are fine, and couldn’t care less over a probably…2 days at the most grind to get a 625 human set? But I won’t be cause I quit playing for other reasons lol.

This is the only answer

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nah my dude its hard to get M anything except M10. Almost everyone still playing is already M10 on something and wait for that to come around. No one really waste time doing anything under M8 as its not worth the time with the garbage azz drops. SO the grind is real for ppl who are not already at an M10

Agreed. The next issue are the trophies. Some people grinded it out sitting in one spot waiting every 6min for the same mob to spawn. If you were really unlucky it took 300 kills. This is not fun AGS. I hope you to realize that.
On the same note, you can’t undermine all that time players invested for those trophies. You will need to think of an alternative to replace those trophies with. To make them obsolete would be a VERY bad idea.