Ward Sets are a waste of time

The many sets do get tedious. Think about it like this, If i play 3 roles (damage, tank , heals) i need a ward set for every role * the amount of npc types. Currently there are 6 wards (on live and ptr). That places the need for 18 sets of gear. The weekly rotations should not be a thing, so you have to lug around all that gear for what?

I’d rather get rid of the ward perks, but we need more pve armor perks. I’d rather the resists be put on new super potions (elixirs that last 40m and persist through death.)

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  • Replace Ward/Bane on every equipment with a different perk
  • Create a new Equipment slot: call it “Ward” or “Trinket” or something
  • You get this trinket from a specific MSQ quest or a new side-quest or something. It has a small % of each Ward and Bane on it. It cannot be discarded or salvaged. You can only have 1 of this item. It starts with +5% ${EnemyType} Ward and +2% ${EnemyType} Bane for each enemy type (independent perks).
  • Whenever you defeat elite enemies of that type in that expedition, they will drop upgrade shards for that trinket enemy type. Ex: defeating Angry Earth enemies in Genesis drop varying amounts of Angry Earth shards (smaller amounts for regular enemies, larger amounts for named items/bosses, even more in higher mutations).
  • Shards of that type can be used to upgrade the same Trinket exactly like Umbral Shards. They will specifically upgrade the Ward/Bane of that enemy type on your Trinket. With enough shards you can get your trinket maxed out at +25% Ward/+10% Bane of each enemy type.

This gives us an interesting side-progression mechanic for specific enemy types in expeditions runs. Also, by having all wards/banes in one item (or maybe even naturally on your character?), it means we don’t need to use up multiple Equipment Loadout slots.


I like this mechanic a lot. Separate the PvE mechanic from the gear and provide an additional path to reward progression in the mutators.

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I suggested this ages ago. Ward should be tied to the character as a completely passive buff. X mobs/elite/named defeated earns you x% ward. Or in combination as part of a quest line. Clear various landmarks including it’s boss to earn a % ward.

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lmfao a whole company quiting because of another ward is insane

There is not 1 perk for pvp. You have elemetnal aversion, phys aversiom, shirking fortify and few more.

But that does not change fact that pve gear is a problem. There should be heartrune type slot somwhere where you put ward item and it does add new perk to armor u have on u.

Not really. Already refuse to upgrade lost and angry earth ward as it’s only used for two mutations and nothing else.

Why am I upgrading gear for one dungeon?

Again, I’m not. I’m done with new world if ward stays. Don’t need angry earth or lost for world tours. And if you think I’m investing time for barnacles or genesis to get gear so I can PvP. You got another thing coming.

Server pops will go down to 100 before they address it. And it’s going to kill this whole game.

Yes but something else has to be done or else everyone will have bis pve gear in some days

Those perks work in PvE too. Resil for PvP is equivalent to ward in PvE.

but, yeah they need to just have 1 bane/ward for PvE overall or the PvE “heartrune” idea you had. As AGS keep adding more and more enemy types it’s gonna become way too much.

It is already way to much. And im not pve player. But each time i need to help some friend with dungeons this is annying as f… to find proper gear and keep all that gear somehwere.

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I mean good luck with your round shield tanks and DPS who can’t stop dodging cause they didn’t read the affix for the mutation :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Round shield tanks are bis for speedruns

I really like ward sets.

Damn u do world tours? thanks thats all i needed to know. Genesis speedruns runs fun asf and absolutely worth the set lol.

Last chance to save NW by removing wards. Commute them all into a general damage reduction instead of trying to push buyable gearset slots as the solution and actually nail your own coffin shut.

make wards as extra gem slot


I actually really like this idea. Hell - make an item “anointed against enemy x, y, z” and allow each item to be warded against as many types as you want.

Fair feedback!

Will they seriously consider it or is this just going to the waste bin like all the other suggestions to fix NW?

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