Ward vs. Resilient

Its almost impossible to get good ward gear, be it drops or crafting.

Why? You changed the chances of resilient to roll very high in every scenario.

This is unfair and painful.

  • Resilient and Ward should be in the same bucket. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to have both of them on the same piece of gear.

  • Change replica items so they, again, have the limited perk buckets. You changed that without any explenation or reason.

  • Change replica crafting so we can target specific attributes. You know, like for normal crafting which I now consider PvP crafting.

These seem like small and easy fixes. No need we have to wait months until it gets done. Please make it a priority, the current situation is really infuriating.


Expedition Replicas should have a higher chance of rolling ward perks. Same for weapons with bane perk.


Everything is better than the current situation. So yes, that would help.

I’m not seeing it. I recently bought a light corruption ward set off the TP for maybe 20 or 30k I don’t remember exactly. My heavy corruption ward set I got entirely from running Temptest.

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You don’t see the problem? On my server when I checked this morning there is almost no ward gear on the TP.

Are you looking for ward gear for an active mutation. I typically start shopping in advance.

Glad I wasn’t the only one realizing this… all the Tempest replica crafts almost always come with Resilience and some other useless bs perk like Indestructible… Or if I do put Angry Earth ward, it comes with Corruption Resist… where the heck is corruption in Genesis?

I rolled no less than 100 tempest gears, and maybe 28 legendaries, but only maybe 1 or 2 worth keeping. The other legendaries are mostly the same perks, I kid you not,… There’s definitely a bug in crafting, be it by accident or intentional bug.

Worst thing is… i can’t even sell them. So I salvage and get my 1 asmo per salvage. The cost of making one is 15 asmo, 15 leather, 15 something else, 10 flesh, … yea. I think it comes out to be around 9k for each craft, but i’m only getting 1 asmo, which is about what 280g back? lol.


The sad thing is, its probably not a bug but an oversight.

I feel that way too, seems like they have bad leadership somewhere. Like the codes are not consistent. After one patch, one thing will be fixed, but another issue that was fixed before, is broken again. Like they are injecting old code carelessly.


I just checked on Eld and found a full light lost ward set for $20k with -

refreshing evasion
sundering shockwave
crippling reap and
leaching path of destiny

I think if you’re looking for ward gear for a dungeon that it is in the current rotation the demand is obviously going to be higher.

Gear with ward may be more available on the TP depending on server, but that doesn’t change the fact that crafting and drops are unfair towards PvE and needs to be adressed. Imagine ward has a 15% to roll on everything and resilient 2-3% in the game, crafting and drops, no matter the source. That wouldn’t be fun for gearing for PvP content either.

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Bro theres literally named pve armor sets u can easily get :joy: im glad resilient is way more common than useless ward perks

Sis, which one are you talking about? The ones you get in mutations? Where you need ward to get into them the first place? Again, all your saying is you don’t care and thats fine, but doesn’t change the fact drops and crafting heavily favor PvP gearing and thats not ok.

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I have never done a mutation with a ward set and im fine so clearly u dont need ward to do muts lol

Yeah you also don’t need resilient to queue for OPR, Arena or doing any other form of PvP. But resilient makes all that way easier. So much so, I want to see players getting slotted for wars without any resilient. Again, you clearly don’t care or understand the problem. Not sure why you are commenting here. Are you afraid they may revert some changes and it will be slightly harder again to craft PvP gear he?

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No… you do need resilient for pvp… you literally cant do well in pvp without resilient while you can do well in dungeons without ward :joy: and there is no problem bro, on dry tree there are bis ward pieces for like 5k

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2 months ago people were crying because it was harder to get PvP gear. Now it’s easier to get PvP gear and people are crying because they seemingly can’t get ward gear? Is that right? AGS just can’t win lol.

simple solution, make PvP faction gear 590- stop making PvP oriented players craft gear.

I would like to see a crafting recipe like a timeless shard that gives me a 3 perk choice for each perk slot that the item ends up with. I imagine a choice screen like the territory perks.

Start with a CON Heavy Boots w/ Reverse Contageious Backstab.
It rolls Legendary…
A UI opens up with three perks and the options for each perk.
Choose one perk from each pool of three.
Finish crafting the item.

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The big problem is that Shirking Fort and the Aversions are in the same pool. So what you are really asking for is to move Ward into the Resilient bucket.