War/Influence Suggestions

I had some ideas regarding the system around wars and some actual war changes.

  1. Increase influence% per quest for pushers and defenders but let it decay after 1h of not pushing. This should make pushing influence without enemies alot more pleasant even in smaller groups but it also adds a reason to actually defend your territory, so in both cases its helping imo. There should also be a “hot zone” around the siege window of the defenders, +/-2 hours of the defenders siege window influence pushes are faster, this would lead to more people actually running in these times instead of 4am sneak pushes.

  2. Additional option for influence pushing, every fort should become uncaptured everyday at the start of the siege window (unless its locked), standing inside the capturing point increases influence same as pvp missions. To avoid abuse every player gets max 2% influence this way, they can however increase the %captured of the spot still but it denies % done for others. So if one player captures the whole 100% alone his faction and company only gains 2% influence, but if there are 50 players inside of it their faction gains 100% influence. Every person inside the circle decreases the % gained per player, if there is only 1 person inside the circle he gets 1% per tick, if there are 5 people inside it every one gets 0.2% per tick. The % captured only goes up, so if yellow captures first to 20% and gets wiped by purple they continue at 20% and if green (holders of the territory) manage to capture the point it will only deny further influence but not decrease the % done by the other factions. After reaching 100% the fort goes to the faction with the most % done and the capturing system goes back to normal. Would maybe lead to some daily openworld war like scenarios and adds a shortcut to the whole influence pushing if the defenders let it happen.

  3. Friendly War Declaration, as a Gov/Consul you should be able to declare war at any time on a company in a friendly matter. The siege window is ignored here and the declaring company can set the time for the war up on declaration (like atleast 2 hours in advance and it can’t block an actual war/invasion) the holding company can then accept/decline the war invite. This could lead to some spontaneous wars without risking your city so you could just experiment with lineup/strats. Would make it a lot easier for casual players to experience wars. Maybe reduced rewards so people can’t “farm” it.

  4. Siege Day, every company should have atleast one forced war per week, 24h in advance every company has the option to delcare war with a fee, but without influence running. This would cause a bit more trouble for companies with multiple territories. I know you can push territories simultanesously but depending on the defenders it can be avoided quite easy to have two wars at the same time. Would also lead to overall more wars per week and the ‘dead’ territories would see more action.

  5. Mix faction influence, right now every faction has to push 100% by their own, but i rarely see a race between two factions to get the 100% done, its mostly one faction that “claims” the war declaration and the others are just watching. If both factions would have the same % goal influence pushes could become way more intresting.

  6. Persistent Fort Damage, my understanding of the fort upgrading system is only small, but what if destroying cannons/horns/gates would be persistent. This could lead to some “grief wars” where people only focus on destroying everything so the next war is easier due to weaker fort defence. Would probably require a whole overhaul of the upgrade system, but I don’t like the fact that all the work you put into destroying the defences is useless if you lose the attack. Would also create a money sink for companies while increasing the volume of townboards, not sure tho if that would be just bad for everyone but WW/EF holders.

  7. More War Titles, for things like kills/assist in wars, suriving wars with 0 death etc. Maybe also some skins (some of the war chest rewards look really dope) that you get with these titles.

  8. War Logs, in the company menu you should have a tab in which the scoreboards of your recent wars are stored. Or maybe a NPC at which you can look into ALL recent warlogs. We always have a guy screenshotting the overview to log it in discord, but would be great to have that somewhere ingame because often the scoreboard is bugged out at the end and it would be overall a QoL thing.

  9. More statistics, stuff like damage taken, siege damage, heal denied, capping%, time spent dead etc would be really helpful. Some of these numbers are visible to yourself at the end so why not make them public.

  10. Replay Function, this will probably never happen cuz I can’t name any game other than CS:GO that has a demo system. But would help a lot with analyzing, proofing exploiting/cheating and content creating.

  11. A secondary hotbar for war exclusive consumables/deployables, tired of using hastepots from my inventory.

  12. Dynamic Fort Respawns, now with the change to flag respawns, fort fights are way more common and respawn camping is an issue. While it takes good coordination to camp all respawn points, there is no fun in spawning inside a GW/IS (also after the next CC nerf) and die instantly without any chance to fight back. Maybe instead of dynamic respawns a respawn protection for 3 seconds that brakes after dealing damage would also help here.

Let me know what you agree/disagree with or if you have other things in mind that would help with making wars more accessible and more fun.

The current version of War needs to be changed to a ranked gvg mode and removed from settlement flips.

Settlement ownership, and corresponding flips and invasions need to be changed to be at the faction level and changed to be dynamic open world events. This would change the games core mechanics from being exclusive content into inclusive content and have the added benefit of breathing life into open world pvp. I strongly believe one of the major reasons that many people left this game is because only hardcores get to participate in these items that the game is supposed to be about.

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