WARNING: There is a bug that makes you swap factions!

A friend just notified me that I apparently joined the Covenant. I looked at the chat box and sure enough, a ton of yellow text was there, and my profile shows the Covenant! Just this morning, I was part of the Marauders. I’ve only been playing this character since last Thursday!

And I’m quite certain I know how this happened.

I was working on clearing my quests for the three factions. I did the quests for the Marauders first since I wanted to join that faction. All went well and I joined yesterday (Nov 5). Then I worked on the Covenants because it was still showing in my quests journal. I went to the end where it asked if I wanted to join them. Well, I proceeded to say yes as I couldn’t see anywhere else to clear the final quest.

I recall the quest showing complete, followed by red text in an error popup saying I couldn’t join. Fair enough. I didn’t want to join.

Then I did the quests for Syndicate. Same process. But this time, when I went to try and join Syndicate (again, only to make the quest finish) the NPC said, “Looks like you’ve already joined a faction” and that’s where it stopped. I couldn’t finish the quest - only abort it. No completion. No red text. Different result.

So clearly there is a bug because I should not have been able to swap factions within 1 day of joining another.

Is there a proper place to report this to the devs? I stated all this in the feedback box within the game, but I don’t think that’s a bug report. Plus I wouldn’t mind assistance to see if I can be swapped back to Marauders.

  • What is your character name in New World: Knighttfalll
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Lilith
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: See above
  • Is this a bug? (If this is an exploit, please follow the steps here: Yes
  • (if a bug) How did the issue affect your gameplay: See above
  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue: No
  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced: N/A
  • What are the steps to reproduce the issue as you experienced: See above
  • When did this happen? (Date and Relative time; please include your timezone) Today, Nov 6, 2022

That’s incredibly strange. Let me get this over to the development team.


if i understand you correct here you just started playing this game and you joined the Marauders but the cooldown for switching faction dosent here ssince you just joined a faction for the first time.
the cooldown start when you switch to another faction so in your case the cooldown started when you switched to Covenant.
please correct me if i am wrong :sunglasses:

I just had the exact same thing happen to me

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Is this fact? Not to cross-question you, but I do remember as I joined Marauders, I read the popups and messages stating once I choose a faction, I will not be able to switch to another.

That, and when I believe the switch occurred, I was provided with an error message stating the change couldn’t happen - which is what I wanted because I was only trying to clear a Covenant quest. This error did not appear the second time when I was trying to clear the quest for the Syndicate.

I’m sorry to hear. Which faction did you join first, and which did you end up with? I am curious to know if the order of quests completed for each faction is a variable or not.

This issue was brought up in PTR I believe, something with the initiation quests may overwrite/ignore the 60-day cooldown.

Back when we tested it, someone joined Syndicate, completed the Marauder questline, and could switch without a cooldown.

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yes it is facts because when you join a faction the first time you didnt switch since you wasnt in a faction but the cooldown began when you switched factions :sunglasses:
i know there have been others that have this happen and tbh in some way the quests can be kinda hard to keep track of and if you dont read them then the only way to see it is a faction quest is to hover over them on your map :sunglasses:
maybe they should add something on screen saying it is faction or mark them in some way so players can see they are faction quest :sunglasses:

yea same as you I wanted to be team green so joined marauders first then went to clear other quests with yellow and the purple. yellow changed me to cov faction then purple gave me the error. I actually went back to marauder because the quest to change showed up on my map but i wasn’t able to accept it, no error messages just button press to accept quest wouldn’t register.

So now I’m in limbo on fresh start because I don’t wanna play the religious zealot faction but i’ve already invested a week of time :frowning:

This is meant to provide one opportunity to switch to another Faction before the 60 day cooldown if you so choose, but there are warnings that switching will provide a 60 day cooldown. It seems like you were provided that prompt, but if there’s some way you’re avoiding it and thus changing Factions accidentally, please let us know so we can look into it.

If this was intended, confusion was created on your part.

  • Upon joining the first faction, I saw nothing but warnings that once I choose a faction, I would have to wait for a cool down period. Having played this on release a year ago, I recalled this fact. i.e. Pick wisely, you’re stuck with your choice for months.
  • Now I have completed a quest line for the faction I wanted. I still have quests waiting for me, for the other two factions, flagged as a bonus for skill points showing importance. So naturally I want to complete those too.
  • I completed the second quest line, and the only way to end the other faction’s quest line to join their faction. So of course, I assumed on your part that I could press the join button, but the game would prevent an actual change of faction.
  • Now after trying to join, in hopes I am denied, the quest ends, a large error message appears saying something went wrong, and the quest successfully ended, giving me my experience points and rewards
  • Thinking things went as intended, I repeated this for the third faction to clear that quest line. I go through the same steps, but this time, and only this time the NPC denies me and says I am in a faction already. And the quest will not end! It’s just stuck there now in my Journal!

Whether or not you intended to give a second change to change factions and I managed to overlook it, I hope you see the confusion here.

  • Once you choose a faction, be rid of the other quests from the other two factions! Or…
  • When you reach your second chance at another faction, give the option to join them OR end the quest line.
  • Correct your error message that pops up if someone does change factions within the 60 day period. I didn’t notice I even changed from green to yellow hours later!

I hope this clarifies my angle. And I still wouldn’t mind the opportunity to have my account corrected and changed back to green.


That happened to me, too, I want to go back to the Marauder, I don’t want to stay with a faction I don’t like, and my friends are still waiting for me to return


yea it appears they don’t care about the fact that it is confusing and has caused many people to make unwanted faction changes. The fact that there was no way to cancel the quests was already bad then they say it was to allow a one time faction change then they should have named it that way so it wouldn’t be misunderstood and also allowing people to cancel the quest. I actually liked the game until I was switched to a faction I didn’t want that while all my friends who talked me into playing are in another faction guess it was not meant for me to play this game.


I can kind of see why the crossed wires happened.

They wanted to add 3 new optional quests that provided the ability to change factions. In fact they made it where existing players can no longer switch factions without doing one. But people assume they are 3 new completable faction quests for rewards.

You’d almost, like have to put a giant red flashing beacon to let people know that this quest line is only ntended to perform a faction swap - not just part of the routine of completion quests. Otherwise a lot of people are going to complete these in zombie quest complete mode.


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If it’s “meant to provide one opportunity to switch to another faction” then it should be clearly stated as such. There is no pop up to warn of a destructive action. You click the quest complete and your faction is changed. Considering this action is time gated by 2 months of real time it should have a warning.

This just happened to me and what you said is what I thought. I assumed since I wasn’t allowed to switch factions when the faction has more territories then you would be prevented from doing so. If this is intended then many people would just switch once they see that the leading faction has more territories.

But in any case. Is there some way to reverse this, this reset my faction rank too.

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Guess no fix eh.

Also happened to me. In my case I switched from greens to yellows.
Like mentioned before the first time joining a faction it warns that “you will not be able to switch factions for 60 days”, but the other faction quests are still active.
The moment you try to complete another quest for faction join it also warns “you will not be able to switch factions for 60 days” and you try to complete the quest knowing you’re already in a faction so you should be fine and maintain your first choice.
The third try, and to complete the last faction quest, you get a different warning “you cannot join this faction because you’re already in another”, and this should be the final message on the second try also… completing the quest in the meantime or remove the others quests when one faction is chosen.


The devs will have to confirm there is an error on their part first before anything can be fixed.

Hopefully they will see others chime in with the same confusion and errors occuring to prevent this from happening to other players.

I wouldn’t hold my breathe any of us will get a free pass to swap back to our wanted factions.

yeah… i discovered this just now… i was Marauder and decilined covenant because the quest wasnt completed. and now im covenant. -.-* i want to be Marauders… and now? I have to wait the 60 Days?