Wars are gated ... please NW devs ...make it fairer?

Wars are currently Gated. It might not have been intentionally set up this way but it has occurred, with factions putting the highest level people up for it first. The longevity of this for the wider community is somewhat controversial, with some saying just to level up. Many people want to take part but are not at a high enough level to be picked by their faction leaders, which are players like everyone else. Not everyone has hours and hours to play! What happens when everyone reaches LVL 60? How can NW make sure that faction leaders keep it fair?

I’m calling for a fairer system. It should be NW that has a system a bit like its lottery for giving factions power over territory, that allows everyone to take part if they have chosen to. While only 50 people may take part in one war instance, it should be run based on RNG rather than one person’s choice. This would be fairer to the whole community and not just those that have time to get to the higher levels first.

Another suggestion if you really wanted the personal player selection to remain a part of the game would be factions should be made to consider allowing each guild within it, to put forward their own members for the wars. Again an RNG system for the selection of companies would be fairer and may keep things less complex. If they fail to put people forward, then it defaults to the next on the list. This will allow more use for companies across the board, it would keep people involved and perhaps incentivize people to remain active to allow for themselves to be selected.

I have no knowledge of how you would integrate this method into a game, and it is solely a suggestion based on what I have heard from other players. All that is needed is a system in place to keep in-game events such as wars fairer overall so that everyone can benefit from the option to take part and removes level gating and bias.

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Is intentional as people are complaining about it from Preview and in an event that just 50 people can participate, how it wouldn’t be intentional?

A Fort is owned by a company, they need to defend it. Invasions already work that way, the company choose 10, and the rest is randomly chosen from the standby list. Guess! Invasions, in general, are a failure.

Would be nice a war with everyone. Explosions, arrows flying everywhere, but need a cap to be fair for both sides.

What would be good is to have a way to a company in the same faction get the Fort. With more influence or people votes. I don’t know.

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This is already RNG. As soon as a territory is put into conflict, any company in that faction that has contributed enough influence towards that conflict has a chance to declare war. The company chosen for the attackers is random from whoever put money down to declare. The only static company fighting is the defenders, which IMO is fair because they are the ones who put the initial 100k down or won it during an attack.

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So having talked to a few people, I’m not sure it is as RNG as you say.

A lot of people have seen on the previews and on streams of people who are head of factions picking their teams.

How is that RNG?

so just to be clear. you want to join war even if you did nothing, no donation of gold. no PVP questing. Do you just want to join without even being useful to the company declaring war?


Not the teams, the teams are picked by the company leading the war.

It’s picking the company leading the war that is RNG, because if 2 companies contributed to at least 10% to destabilize a territory, they can both (or more companies if there are any that did at least 10%) declare war and only 1 company will be picked.

There was recently a situation where my company blobed up to destabilize a region that was already 36% in favor of our faction and we (a 51+ member company) got the control of the war snatched from us by a 11-25 member company. It happens.

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I really don’t understand this mentality…

That being said, it would be pretty cool if the instance of War that you get put in automatically makes everyone in it max level and then scales their gear too.

I think that would make the actual fights more fair, but I’m fine with the selection process.

Right? A fully RNG war participants picked is not one war I want to take part in, and I say that from experience because in CBT one guild abandoned the game before their war and I ended up being picked by the system to be there, it was a complete shit show, no organization, no nothing.

Most people would be happy to contribute something to feel apart of it.

While I see where you are headed with your ‘level up or don’t take part’ ideology not all people can reach level 60 as quick as others. And when we are all level 60, then what? All those that have experience continue to be picked because they got picked first? Yeh …. Great job!

All I am saying is it needs to be fairer. To allow the whole community to take part rather then those who are highest level.

If New world wanted wars to be level gated they would have made it that way themselves. They didn’t, so players that are now head of factions shouldn’t do it for them. It doesn’t set up a healthy community doing it this way.

NO. There has already been a post on this, and almost all the comments were negative, there is good reason for this. The guild that owns that land, the one who would lead the war against the land has put in much more effort than you.

  • They have put hours into running pvp quests
    – or acquired 100k gold as fast as possible
  • always running the town board quests to level up the stations
    – even when they are bad exp and gold

Also having a guild run a war is a lot stronger than 50 individuals. With a leader we can

  • Make teams where people know each other
  • organise the teams so that each team has dps healers and tanks
  • specific musket/bow teams
  • we can have a strategy meeting before fighting
  • we can very easily rotate groups around, without hearing any backchat
  • no one is going to spam the vc’s or impede the group
  • no one is going to bait groups, lure, or actively try to lose the battle

Simply it is unreasonable for this to be a lottery. We owned a piece of land, that we spent much time and money to get it asap, from launch. Now explain to me why all that time and effort that we placed in should be given to say (on a very unlucky draw) 50 lvl 1’s that just happened to sign up on the board…



Fair enough, I get your point.

While I understand that people taking part in wars should want to be there and want to take part for all that is offered by creating a war, not all players are the same and you can’t shut off half the player base just because they don’t see things like you do.

The system is already fair, a company puts in the work to get themselves a war, they get to pick who they want. Don’t like it? Go get yourself a war then.

Maybe after the initial portion. However the first choice of declaring war is ALWAYS the guild that had the highest % contributed towards the pvp quests. After that if they don’t declare then other guilds that did above 10% have the choice to.

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So if it was the other way round and you somehow didn’t get all the hours that streamers get to play a game that now puts them and all those with hours to spare ahead of the rest of the community creating a very biased way of taking part in something everyone should be allowed to take part in … you would be happy would you? Honestly?

Nah I think you would start asking questions too.

To be told to level up or basically don’t take part? That’s pure bs! That’s not how a community creates longevity in a game.
That’s how biased is formed and people picked for level or popularity. It’s not based on a fair system. It’s based on an elitist viewpoint. That’s why I refer back to the fact that New world didn’t create the war that way so why should players like everyone else be the ones to call who gets to take part. You can’t count on people to be fair. Most don’t want to be fair. They want to win.

I do get how companies work. I do get the whole, you put your gold in and you get the reward. I’m not beyond reasoning.

I still have a point though regardless of those that fail to see it because they have already been apart of it.

The smaller companies already hear what I’m saying. I wouldn’t have created a discussion if there wasn’t enough people talking about the same thing.

answer the question though, Why should we the ones who fought for that land nail and tooth, not be able to choose the people to defend that land, cause unlike the people singles out there who just want to join it as a fun activity, if we lose, we lose 10’s to 100’s of hours worth of effort. Why.

What you’re saying is: “We should all have equal opportunity even though we don’t put equal amount of effort”.

Hell, imagine putting 100k gold, defending the territory for all this time successfully and then if Amazon were to listen to this bad suggestion, losing a territory because some randoms just wanted to have fun and fuck around in a war. Then I’d be pissed!

The whole point is, you put up the work, you get to make decisions, as easy as that, that’s fair already.
Imagine losing a territory because some randoms just wanted to fuck around in war setting, running around like headless chickens whit 0 comms and 0 organization. Wars are supposed to be organized events, not some instanced capture the flag where everyone does whatever they want.

I’m glad you feel so highly of other people in the community.

I said nothing about not putting in the effort, nothing about not pulling our weight, etc. Assuming makes you look kinda petty.

Naturally, some people will level faster than others based on the sheer amount of time they have versus everyone else. While I’m not suggesting that those that contribute the most should forsake reward or whatever, a game built to only favor those in the community that has the highest level … not even created by the actual devs themselves but by the sheer few who run factions isn’t a great thing.

Sure, reward those that put the effort in, they deserve it but Wars that are open to EVERYONE shouldn’t be gated because the few at the top think, ah well you’re a level 25, you clearly don’t care or want a part in the game as much as me, because hell, you’re not even level 40 yet, but I am sooo who cares what you think. When that person will have committed all the time they actually had to play the game. So then the level 40’s become elitist because suddenly now they are better than those who are level 25. Better by level alone and nothing else.

And since when do those that are lower level, or less likely to be picked, not know what they are doing? That’s you’re assumption. That is what’s wrong here. People refusing others based on assumptions. based on bias. This is why it will never be fair with people like you and me making choices in a game that affects everyone. It should be NW making the decisions to avoid elitism like this.

By saying you want a RNG system to pick who gets in, you do imply that. There’s nothing difficult in walking to war board and signing up to a war.

Also it seems that you don’t understand much of wars at all. Siege weapons are scaled to level 60, a level 25 is basically dead if hit by one of those, you don’t want people being cannon fodder to siege weapons in wars.

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