MY feedback is they need to change wars. Attacking should be hard yes. but remove spawning on the point if the attacking team has control and is capping it. Why this change because when attacking you can completely destroy the people there win the fight. but the spawn delay is so damn short. theyre now just spawning ontop on you and youre still on cooldown. so they just turn around and wipe you right back. Really just making it impossible to win an attack unless the Defending team is just completely clueless. So the first 20 min are impossible to cap because of this. so the last 10 min are all that really matter because then delays are hitting.

so I suggest the change to spawning on point if the Attacking team is capping. Its a fair change IMO.

Sure this will then turn into an all out war at the fort. Which brings me to the second change, spawn dely needs to ramp up a lot faster for the defending company I think. Just because the attackers do spawn so far back. Just ramp up spawn delay not by a lot just slighty longer. like a couple seconds

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If they turned it into a real fort battle instead of a flag grabbing race, the battles would be so beautiful. The current situation is that if you can only live in the flag, you can take the city.

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100% agree. Now the lag is figured out and that many people can be near each other at once. I feel liek that would be wa ybetter

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