Wars // does it have to end up as late game content?

I’m one of the leaders of a company that owns a claim and had great fun in the first 50v50 war at level 25 when everyone was still low. (Lvl. 20-40). I like the concept, but after a while, it starts to feel bad to prioritize Lvl. 50+ players and leave out lower-level players (Even friends).
I’m currently planning to make sure to reserve 1-2 squads for players that want to join the wars as lower-level players.

Obviously, they will not be happy about missing out on one of the coolest parts of NW.
If this goes on, wars will only be exclusive to high-level players that belong to claim-owning companies or people who need to make an effort in getting in touch with their leaders.

Others will just be left out.

I would love to have something like 15v15 skirmishes capped for different level ranges (25-35, 36-45, 46-60) that will help to gain influence for declaring wars. (Also making PvP more interesting instead of handing in the same PvP quests over and over) This way, more people can join in the PvP fun.

Do you guys have interesting ideas that go in this direction? What are your views on the current PvP content?

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