We will see today, as I said we had really nice fight everything worked ok. You are playing on US servers right?

U call this lags? Cute XD
Never played war on EU, did u?

It was EU, Hellheim, we had a defence that worked perfectly fine and that attack which lagged insanely half an hour later. What we noticed was the defenders using a massive amount of warhorns. I think wars work fine if you don’t use horns, we will have to try in our next defence, but what would be even better is @Luxendra actually looking into it and getting the developers to fix this, regardless of the cause.

Did you see my clip?

Horns of LAG Please check this properly look at the buffs it gives per sec

Can confirm on other servers the rubberbanding is just making outpost rush and wars unplayable

So I guess problem is cuz of horns. But as I said we had a war in Abaton server yesterday we were spamming horns and nothing was wrong.

Are you crazy? Problem appeared after patch. Horns are standard mechanic that has always been used in defense.

Might want to add / merge this thread into this one since both are about the same war, just funny that both sides complain about this horrific performance afterwards :smiley:

Maybe to add a little to the warhorn discussion: Performance in OPR was also really bad the whole day after the patch, and why would the defending side want to cause this kind of lag when its only benefitting the attackers…

But we definetly need an answer from the devs here and a solution, at this point its just getting more and more frustrating, I’m almost at a point of telling the dev team to please just stop doing anything because apparently you’re not capable of actually fixing anything without causing more issues… right now I don’t even want any new content anymore I’d just be more than happy if the content we have actually works… xD

warhorns is not a problem, problem was in last game patch

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We did not use horns there. That’s why we think it’s smoother. Horns make wars laggy.

But we did not have any lags yesterday, also I made some OPRs and I havent experinced any lags or screen freezes.

What siege have you not experienced lags? On Everfall siege, everyone lagged in stack of 60-70 players. Overall, I envy you. You’re lucky.

Every time a company is afraid to lose their territory they spam horns non stop because they know it creates lag and it will be easier to defend. It doesnt matter if its laggy for them. All they have to do is stand on the point.

War in Everfall Hydrus EU last night was Lag Free unless… You were within the circle of any of the Points A, B or C.

Leave the circle and suddenly no lag, Move in and massive lag.

Last week we had near perfect Lag Free war experience (other than Weapon Swapping - which still isn’t fixed!!) with this patch ‘War is Hell’.

Na those who quit already quit. SCF will keep you here anyway m8
Enjoy your mess xD

Here’s a real out of the box idea…Destroy the horns when attacking???

The lag i experienced yesterdays during the Brightwood war on Helheim as described above is unlike anything I have every seen in any game, ever (and I played ESO which is known for it pvp lag). It was literally unplayable and beyond anything words can describe.

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One of the lags in OPR and wars comes from the ring Void gauntlet puts on the ground. Please fix this ASAP. It makes OPR and wars almost unplayable, and much less fun. I love that you fixed the food, but please fix the lag too. This is the same we had with Ice gauntlet.

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