Wars lost due to exploits

Is there any plan to return territories to companies that lost due to the attackers using the invincibility glitch and lag exploits? It has basically killed our server knowing that a lot of the territory has only been lost because of these exploits, and because (as devs stated in recent blog) war is scaled more towards defenders, it’s been hard to take back, especially with all the new exploits that have cropped up. Please return territory to the companies who lost in war due to exploits, it’s quite demoralizing knowing there was nothing you could do to stop them and had even beat them in every previous war.

Highly doubtful. Either exploit back or get run over, that’s the New World way.

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we lost windsward due to the hatchet exploit, took purples 6 min to defeat us. before exploit they had one terrie…look at them now, AND THEY ARE NOT STOPPING

We lost two territories today, and I sent tickets to support about the exploits prior to both wars. Frankly, our next actions are hinged on how they handle the situation. We saw that the developers threatened exploiters with bans, so we did not exploit the bugs. That decision cost us our company’s two territories! Our company is fully planning on quitting and asking for refunds (no longer supporting them) if they do not support us during this time. We have been playing since the very beginning (even through the beta access) and have grinded and supported this game. Why would we continue to support the game if even when we support fair play and the health of this game we get penalized?

how do we know no one on your side wasn’t exploiting as well?

You didn’t message this to me but, in our server we threatened a removal from the company to all members who were caught using the exploit on our side. Given that I sent the tickets prior to the wars, it was important that we preserved that aspect of our claim. I wanted the devs to know that there is a blatantly obvious bug that is causing lopsided PvP battles. We even have video proof lol. This is also a great chance for us to see how the devs will respond to their dedicated players (i.e., is this a game worth continuing to grind as much time and spend as much money on as we have already).

I respect this, but the OPs premise is utter bollocks because there is literally no way someone could verify that all 50 were not intentionally exploiting or abusing bugs.

Side note, how many of you are wearing armor with the resilient trait KNOWING it is bugged?

For sure, it is definitely an honor system to some extent.

And regardless of the bug, the point is: the call was made for our side to not openly exploit the known bugs. I can vouch that my company mates were not intentionally exploiting ANY bug. The call was not to just ignore some of the more impactful bugs, it was all popularized exploits.

there isn’t a single person in your company wearing a piece of the faction gear with resil on it?

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Like I said, no-one in our company was intentionally exploiting the bugs. Others were intentionally switching mid-war to hatchets and great axes and what not. It was our intent to take a stand to see how the devs would handle the situation!

Update (ticket response): In case anyone is still following along, Amazon responded to both tickets. One response contained a bunch of links to other support staff (not helpful), and the other contained links to report exploiting players. Fortunately, I had already sent in reports via the in-game report function (so this felt redundant). Unfortunately, given the responses, it seems the developers have no plans to reconcile these issues. Not a single ticket even attempted addressing the issues. So, good luck to everyone who continues to grind, I’ll be back if they end up finding their way to make this game enjoyable and fair. I imagine that might take months!

We did a similar thing as well and also have video proof. Can’t speak for what the other companies in our faction are doing, but our company was strictly anti-exploiting, especially since we hoped that the exploiters were going to get banned.

Firstly, we have video proof of the other side exploiting and yet nobody has any proof our side was because we weren’t. Secondly, the other sides have literally admitted to exploiting and having to do it because they couldn’t beat us in a fair war, which also is admitting that they knew we were fighting fairly. I can’t speak for what goes on on other servers, but we didn’t have anybody glitching invincibility like they were or anything like that. Although I doubt you’ll believe me anyways. The truth is the other two factions are just TERRIBLE at war. Green barely even has 50 people to put in a war so they get steamrolled by both purple and yellow, and yellow has no coordination.

The whole reporting system and the forums are only there so players FEEL that their voice is heard.

Community managers only reply on “light” topics with a generic answer until they met their daily given quota.

You can report exploiters/botters as much as you want. This reports are going right into the trash. Bots are only banned if detected by eac.

Banning exploiters is manual work. And obviously they have not the capacity to do this.

Reporting bugs? They are already aware of so many. Most won’t get fixed anytime in the near future

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