Wars Need a MAJOR patch ASAP to be enjoyable and to avoid GMs Quiting the game

As a fellow GM I agree. I was lucky enough to have a trusted Commander doing the wars for me, I focused on everything else. I still helped as much as I could even though I was underleveled, tactics and brainstorming, messaging people and pinging etc.

Sounds pretty much like a system we used to have tbh! Definitely needs some improvement asap tbh, even just the role select or maybe some quick UI to see what weapons the person is playing?

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Forums moderators are customer service but without actually doing anything as a customer service rep could do for a customer in real life. All they do and are capable of doing is providing very light “everything will be ok, we are giving developers all the info you guys post” while it all goes into the internet version of the shredding bin.

Not true. There have been many changes, updates, & fixes due to feedback and reports on the forums.

Great post and suggestions, I support this.

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Nothing logical nor as important to the meta, exploits and logical changes but sure I mean something small is something.

Credit where due. Won’t say there isn’t a lot further to go with progress, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any, or at least, attempts at it. They do see and info is passed along. Things on this scale, take time to get right, let alone adding to it while keeping it right once it gets there.

The main patch we need is to simply remove all player influence over Settlements. Solves a lot of problems, including this one.

I agree with you, it’s unbelievable AGS never thought about any of the points you raised. Beg to question, did they ever played a war?

In all honesty this has nothing to do with the issue the OP raised.

100% agree on all points

The amount of mirco management you have to do for a war roster is insane, we have multiple exel and spread sheets that people have to fill out and edit on a daily basis and still cant keep up half the time.

Especially since we basically have to participate in 1-3 wars everyday. This war system is a mess.

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This is very true, so much time organizing would be saved if there was just a role select

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Yep. This system is deeply flawed. As is the notion that 50 v 50 is the way to go; should be 25v25 tops for a guild capped at 100 people.

Also last war I did our server had 360 people online… that means that about a third was in the war…

Agreed. My mind was honestly blown when I found out nothing had changed with this after beta.

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Please. PLEASE. P L E A S E take this in consideration AGS :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Working as intended. Everything is fine wu4ae


I concur.
I run the wars for my guild. This is not a good organizational system. Further, the in-game VoIP is awful.

Battlefield 2 – circa ~2003 – Allowed a commander to see the entire battlefield. See all their soldier’s classes/roles, send orders to specific groups, and talk to specific group leaders or the whole team. sort by groups and see locations and health statuses.

A battlefield-style commander system would go a long way towards making wars more manageable.

that’s all we hope for :slight_smile:

…isnt the whole management stuff the reason to play as “GM”? Our leader loves to create sheets and polls.

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