Wars, PvE and The Forums

There are a couple of threads really picking up steam with some angry people on it.

There is cries for the stat stacking bug to be hotfixed or wars to be disabled till it is fixed. We need to know how you feel about this.

There is a lot of discontent with PVE right now after the reversal of the crafting bug for the Tempest set and it has branched into other issues with PVE. How come no one has took the time to acknowledge the issues we are discussing?

The forums are supposed to be where we come to have these discussion but it seems like the moderation team is focused on other things. I don’t know if that is at leaderships command, but it is frustrating as a user of the forums.

All of us here love this game and want it to be the best it can. Meet us half way at least.


We end up arguing among each other while nothing gets fixed, they will later issue an apology via their CMs, that do the best they can with the most likely little info they get from up the chain. So sorry for this game man, it had so much potential, and it went reverse NoMansSky.

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There is like 2-5% chance they come up with a fix before the weekend with previous experience we have. Brace yourselves

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Agreed. Not just that, the triple GWell bug Nd SnS bug.

You would be literally trolling your company if you were a bruiser not running SnS/GA.

I did a war last night without SnS and I realized I was fucking trolling after. At least the bug hadn’t picked up steam yet and only a quarter of the folks were actually running it.

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Can you imagine running BlackGuards GA with Keen, trenchant recovery and keenly fortified while adding shield perks like vicious refreshing and keenly empowered? Let’s say you have a GA rolled with Refreshing Move, lifestealing and Thwarting Strikes with a shield that has keen vicious keenly empowered? That’s literally cancer.

Essentially your GA has Keen, Vicious, Refreshing Move, keenly empowered, leeching AND thwarting Strikes. WTF.





ooofffff is right and accurate


That’s hitting the nail on the head. It happens all the time.

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