Wars - Respawn on capture points is unfair

Having played a few wars now It’s becoming clear to me that the defending side has massive advantages. That makes sense, naturally a fort is a defensive installation and should give defensive advantages, but I think there is one mechanic that really seems unfair.

Respawning at capture points.

This isn’t so bad when all 3 external capture points are up, the attacking team can just rotate around to a different point and try to capture that. But when there is a single point left to capture it becomes nearly impossible to take because of the ability for the defending team to respawn almost immediately where they just died on a capture point that is being contested.

In my opinion this makes sense only for the capture point inside the fort, or for capture points that are uncontested.
Respawns should be disabled on external contested capture points so that you don’t have to wipe out the defenders 7 times in a row to take the point.


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