Wars since todays patch

We suspect void gauntlet is causing a ton of lag like the ice gauntlet did causing 1/2 the players to stand still slide show. Also standing still for 5 min Pryor to the war starting inside the fort you will get kicked and removed form the sign up so you can not just get invited back in. You would need to go sign back up and then send a please re-invite me message and hope the war has not started. It is a 15 min wait once pulled into the war there is a good chance that with you not able to duel any more while waiting your going to stand still not just run in circles for 15 min. PLEASE FIX ASAP thank you.

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Also please not there was only 200 people logged into the server during the war and 95 of them were in the war. No was should there be that much lag on a unpopulated sever.

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