Wars unplayable still

Movement speed bugged 2 minutes into the war can’t do anything, hop my way to a point and lag detected for 5 minutes. Very unplayable and not fun. Glad I pushed a bar for hours to experience that.


I’ve been thinking about this issue and how long it’s plagued the game. If you can’t fix the movement speed bug perhaps you can fix the way that the players are forced to fix it. First allow us to stay in OPR/Wars by exitting to main menu, if you’re gone for X amount of time then it should kick you right now it currently gives you an hour timer before you can requeue and automatically takes you out of the OPR the second you exit to main menu. Then have your character leave the game 2-3 seconds after you exit to main menu, I mean fully exit the game because that’s what’s required to fix this.

If this is possible it will at least allow us to play the game until you guys figure out how to get rid of this bug, which has proven to be much harder to fix than you guys thought.


Bump. We need to keep bumping until AGS takes action on their laggy servers and wars!

AGS needs to stop ignoring these issues. Absolute slide show wars (6000 ms +) when there’s only 1 point left to capture. it lags too much to even cast abilties. It does not register. Light/Heavy attacks do not register. potion cosumption does not register. AGS SERVERS NEED TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE 100 PLAYERS FIGHTING IN CLOSE PROXIMITY! IF IT CAN NOT BE HANDLED, REMOVE 50 v 50 WARS FROM THE GAME!!!

This is why 90%+ of attacks war are lost. because theres simply nothing you can do. But enemy defense gets to respawn on point? But attack has to keep fighting on a laggy point, and try to capture the impossible? not fair.

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I actually witnessed 2 offensive sieges won last night because they piled 50 people on the point. It completely lagged out the servers and the bar was moving in their favor BEFORE the lag so it continued to be pushed in their favor even after we tried to contest. It was 100% impossible to contest because you can’t kill anyone when everyone is standing completely still not taking any damage. That’s the new strategy apparently, my suggestion is just zerg every point with 50 and you can have any holding you want as long as you’re on the point and it’s counting for you before the lag starts, because it doesn’t change direction once the lag starts.

This in my opinion is unplayable and unacceptable.

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