Wars - what are they good for?

So, if I’m not mistaken wars are currently completely broken due to a) the immense amount of lag absolutely clobbering any sort of chance the defence has to, you know, defend the capturing points from the attackers because, for some reason, it appears that a laggy game favors the attacker, b) some sort of infinite healing glitch has popped up and is being abused and c) the GS bug making PvP unbearable.
People are losing territories they fought hard for and paid a lot of ingame currency to keep them afloat and well furnished, people are losing their claims on land due to the abuse of exploits and bugs.

This has been an issue, if I’m not mistaken, since the release of 1.1, so… how come wars haven’t been disabled yet?

Absolutely nothing!


In its broken state, it still functions as a major coin sink. I am guessing AGS want this to happen.


This has been an issue, quite literally, since launch.

My company kicked ass, people sacrificed, fought, donated and we got the first two territories on the server. Invested all money into upgrades, built smartly… until…

…the first exploits when cheaters took over entire maps overnight. You logged off with a map looking one way and log in next day and 6 territories flipped in 24 hours. And they’ve stayed that way since then, pretty much unchanged – for weeks now. And nothing has been done.

I’m asking you honestly – why do you expect anything different to be done this time around? Why do you expect any action from AGS on war exploiting?

Because, as always, an issue is pressing if it directly impacts someone themselves.

I can’t vouch for what happened at launch nor the inaction that AGS decided to take because I only joined in, like, week two and then I wasn’t really involved in wars and all that.
It’s just a bit difficult to wrap my head around a team of developers that remains as willfully ignorant in public as AGS is being in a world post-Fallout 76 and its disastrous life cycle.

too easy.

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