Wars/Outpost Rush ridden with Hatchet exploiters

Any plan on fixing this before more Wars/outpost rushs are ruined?

They are already ruined by resilience/onyx heavy armor users and lifestaffs. Its a broken gamemode.


hatchet rush will be fixed wednesday. then it will be heavy armor rush for 2 months,

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IMO, resilience/onyx is worse than hatchet. If they fix resilience/onyx then we can just burst down the hatchet user before they can hit us for 3000.


it’s not exploiting. you don’t like it? don’t play it. legit swapped weapons over and over because of it, but guess what?

1 stack of 20 folks in an area bolsters hatchets right back up. impossible to tell me to WeLl JuSt SwItCh WeApOnS. i gave up on that, now i’m just having fun and it can be outhealed.

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The heavy armor/voidbent armor is really bad too. Hate running into healers with voidbent armor that are literally invincible, but it’s not as bad as losing a war and territory because the other team is abusing a hatchet bug.

I don’t use Onyx, I don’t use Voidbent, I don’t use a hatchet. I specifically avoid everything associated with exploitation. I’m a tank, so obviously I wear heavy armor … that’s not an exploit.

And since it’s all rando, one time I’m with the exploiters, the next time not. My group wins about 50% no matter what.

So it’s not really bugging me. There’s a lot more than 1v1 outcomes going on in an Outpost Rush.

bump because its still happening every war. bugs and exploits are destroying this game. patch it now.

Macros with attacks and skills have always been a thing in all games. There are far way several real issues that need to be fixed first.

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