War/Territory System Changes Request

We need a different war system. There are so many problems with the actual war system. So many players miss war content because the wars are always between the same max 200/2000 players.

I’ve played the game since 1st minute of the release and I’ve just been in a few wars even if my GS is 598 with some BIS items. That is only because no one selects other players for war/invasions besides their favourites. Many players are in the same situation. I cannot count how many times I pushed influence on a territory just to not be selected for war.

  1. Faction Balance
    Because 2 factions can work together vs the 3rd one happens that on my server best Syndicate company is allied to the best Marauder company and since day one they held Windsward and Everfall. No one can take those territories anymore because they work together and they never declare war on each other. They get attacked by Convenant faction and the same 50(purple/green) vs 50(yellow) players playing wars. No one is selected besides those 100 players so how many players are missing the war content.

  2. One company holding more than 1 territory
    Because the same company can hold more than 1 territory the 1st server I’ve played on has been destroyed. Convenant faction with a big zerg of players and abusing exploits captured the 10/11 territories. They set the taxes on MAX for each territory and again the same 50 players played all the wars vs any other purple/green companies. The yellows have nothing to do at that point because there is no territory available to fight for since the main company holds all the territories.
    So at this point, all yellow players - 50 are missing the war/invasion content.

  3. Wars members only from your company
    Because anyone can join any war and companies have 100 players but war is 50 players and everyone wants the best 50 players for war. Even if one company A is declaring war not even 25 from company A is fighting the wars. That is because they select the best 5 players from each company on putting them on Wars/Invasions. Again the problem is that the same players are playing wars.


The wars should be played between 2 companies members only and not the whole server where only the same 50 players are selected and playing the content.
One company should be allowed to hold only one territory so the other companies from the same faction have a chance to war for territory and own territory where they can set their taxes.


Please pay attention Devs. He is right. Go look at Dark Age of Camelot 20 year old game got it better. Constant Pvp vs Gatekept Pvp Content…gatekept by other players…

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OP is right on this one. I have seen so many players leaving the company/game because they cannot participate in the content they payed for. This causes many problems within the companies and territory imbalance.

Each war looks exactly the same, there are always the same people (most of them have been playing since the release) that are considered as “top of the server” and many people cannot participate, even if they are good because of the fear that they might not be good enough or because they are not friends of people responsible for selecting teams.

Wars shoud be company vs company, not faction vs faction. This would also support the healthy behavior from the company leaders to actually help your company members to get better instead of looking for players elswhere, mostly on discord dramas on who goes on war. It would require either raising the cap of max people in company or lowering the number of players in war because filling all 50 slots could be hard (but still, there could be some kind of buff if the company doesn’t fill all slots). There is already faction vs faction in open pvp while roaming, either solo or in zergs, while there is 0 company vs company content.

Also there is no company leaving cooldown/penalty and it’s already being abused, you can just change company to boost influence for some other company, it could also break any company vs company content, there should be some kind of cooldown to avoid jumping between companies in short amount of time.

I’m saying this as person for whom spot on war has been secured most times and sometimes I simply resign so someone else could play. It shouldn’t be like this, war system should be more company friendly.

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