Was not given a free world transfer pass after the last merge

My husband and I both have new world accounts. After the last world merge he was given a free world transfer pass and I was not given one. I used my initial “free” world transfer to go to a less populated world since that is how I enjoy the game best, and he did that as well. Within two weeks of being in this new world we were merged and now queuing often to try to get in the world, lagging, and ridiculously short on resources. I should not be expected to pay 14.99 to change worlds when everyone else was given a free pass, and furthermore I already changed worlds once to try to get to a less populated area. I need to have a free world transfer added to my account like apparently everyone else has gotten except for me. Thank you.

Hello @TheDancingDragon

Hope you are doing great and thak you for sharing your situation here. I apologize about the free token did not arrive on your account!
Unfortunately we are not able to grant any item by the forums server. Since this is a very specific issue i would sugges to create a ticket by the live support in order to investigate the case and take the necessary actions on it!
Even though I can not assure that the token will be added to your account.

Best wishes
Keep gaming hero!

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