Was there another stealth buff to mobs?

Well to preface this I am not 100% sure I had been to this area since 1.1 but probably 90% sure I had. Anyway we were by Scorpius last night doing something else and there was a quest I had never finished so we decided to go in. I have solo’d this before 1.1 that I do know for sure. It is a lvl 50 elite area. Last night one of us died at the very start to a stalk that was hitting for insane amounts of damage and stunning of course. So we revive and go to start the climb and very first mobs we hit are 3 of the baby corrupted that crawl on the floor. Even those killed us the 3 explosions wiped a 60 tank and a 60 healer both with heals running. Anyone else run into similar issues?

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