Was there ever a launch of an MMO that was also unplayable?

Qeues of HOURS. When I come home from work, I turn on my pc, then I’ll have to wait for atleast 4 hours to play. It’s almost time for bed again at that stage…

How does Amazon expect me to play this game?

Should i refund?

Every WoW release was about as bad as this when the game used to be good, not an issue since the newer, worse expansions sooo, I guess people like the NW, which is a positive. I am sorry you gotta sit in queue though, I hope they manage to up the capacity soon enough :frowning:

there were but not for 400k+ people

Guild Wars 2 and Archeage come to mind, but they were OK after the first day

exactly most had stability issues but were okay after the first day. if they take to long this will go on for weeks.

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