Was this patch a joke that you forgot to undo?

I mean come on, it was funny but not so much anymore, are you trying to end your game?
You got the money and you are trying to get us to quit instead of fixing it?

I feel like some camera crew will jump out of my closet laughing to tell me the latest New World patch was a TV prank.

Or i am living in an experiment and scientists are testing me to see how much longer it will take to lose my shit with your game.

What is going on? Who was the big brain that thought this patch was making the game better?

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I thought about this the other day. They probably didn’t expect this much people to actually enjoy the game and keep playing it so now they’re forced to work on it. So instead of making things better, they punish legitimate players every way they can until they stop playing or force them to stop playing it by banning them. Then when the player numbers get low enough, they can close out the game and not work on their little side project anymore

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