Wasted Time in Queue

I can understand the queue times for a game this popular. One thing I wish was an option, was that I could work on a second character on a less pop server while my main char is sitting in Queue purgatory. I’m seeing Q’s of over 1,000 in the evenings. It’s a waste of time just sitting there waiting.

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Please refer to Official Petition for Immediate Server Population Cap Increase

Another Queue Player

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Se a Amazon quiser da para resolver.

Precisamos é de boa vontade deles

Just give me the ability to have 1 character, that I’ve already put quite a few hours into, sit in queue on the server I want to play on, while I use my waiting time to work on a second character on another server. When my 1st char is out of queue, let me switch to it. Then I don’t feel like Im just wasting time in an endless queue.

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