Wasting time.... SOME MORE

ALL of these “updates”, “dev vlogs”, “road maps” mean absolutely nothing if you aren’t going to do something about inventory control. We need a way to quickly dress our characters. This is a joke at this point. How are we this far into a beta (YES YOUR GAME IS STILL IN BETA, WAS NEVER COMPLETE AT LAUNCH & WE SHOULD ALL GET OUR MONEY BACK BECAUSE OF THAT ALONE) and not have this. You give us all these sets, then encourage us to make more sets but have zero way of organizing it. This is something other games mastered 15 years ago… get it together. Every day shit like this goes by the way side you lose players. QOL and Listening to your players will make or break your game. Again I implore you, AGS, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.


Woa come down man! They said in a dev blog 2 or 3 months agi that they will do that inventory Management thingy. I find it for myself very frustrating to search for all the sets that i have and i want it as bad as you. But a beta? I mean come on… Maybe you should try and dont write so aggressively because you know it is possible to give feedback without hate for something you like/love.

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Inventory management isn’t going to kill you. This would be a nice QOL change but all this you’re doing is the most, I suggest you stop.

Well, considering the game state, drastic changes and additions, this does look like an Alpha. Hard to think otherwise.

But yes, people are too aggressive. Most that come to the forums just want to complain either about the game or about other complaints. I’m basically complaining about a complaint of a complaint.


In WoW this feature also took a very long time to get implelemented.
Was the same there for many many months. Or was it even years?

WOW! Super Karen! You’re really that bent over this? Someone needs a life. I feel so much better about my own now…and I was already feeling pretty good about things. Thanks!

i have every set in another city and since we can use every storage out of every city im pretty much fine idk whats the fuss about. Yes it could be better but cmon dont cry Karen

Yup! As rasmaral mentioned above, there was a section within a previous dev video that stated that the team is currently working on an inventory management system!


it gets sort of old when you have multiple sets that get mixed up.

it takes me like 1 hour to resort all of shit.

1 hour i could of been doing anything else

but yeah this isnt that big a deal once we get the ability to burn down crap legos all that is needed after would be a search by typing out perk function to sort to crap faster.

Finally. Thank bezos!

Can’t wait until that comes out because the game is getting extremely frustrating trying to manage my storages which are all full of gear.

please ensure the following feature will be included:
1, one button click to switch the whole set (including points allocation, dress, weapon, and weapon skills!)
2, user can name each set.
3, no money needed to re-allocate points
4, can change sets even parts of the sets are in some inventory (not with you)

this game is trash sorting simulator.

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I mean yes inventory control(s) are needed but bruh, the game will survive without the updates immediately.

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