Water Mark Bumps Bugged- not getting any from bosses

name is Sigmarswrath, world is Frislandia, I hit 60 a few days ago and my company started running me through Genesis. The company is saying that every boss in Genesis should be a guarenteed water mark bump, however after running it twice now, i have not received a single water mark bump from a boss and only received 2 from chests in the dungeon. We are convinced this is a bug. talked to the help chat line people and they told me to get better gear lol My buddy who ive gamed with for 15 years had a full sent of voidbent tank gear for me when i hit 60… so i am GS 600.


Sig: I just tanked end game content and didn’t get rewarded

Amazon: Git gud. Try running Amrine.

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Did this ever get solved?

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Sounds like he needs an orb as compensation and to test it

still no resolution from amazon on this game breaking bug.

its not a bug. once u hit lv 60 , you have to do some run elite chests run level 60+ area first before hitting genesis dungeon / lazarus dungeon. because the enemy from genesis & lazarus are level 65+ which best for grinding when you reach your gear score / expertise 540++

it also happen to me earlier when i created new account with this expertise system, running several genesis & lazarus dungeon but didnt get any expertise bump

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