Watering Down Accomplishments

I worked really hard to get everything to 200, now New World is having XP extravaganzas for crafting, gathering, weapons, and levels. Added spawn points for mining, that’s great, but it doesn’t address the botting. So now we have extra spawn points for gathering and the same amount of bots, that will adapt to the new locations. It waters down the time I have put into the game. The grinding I have done for items and gold. Named dropped items are going to be craftable in the future? This is what games do after there is a significant gap between people starting the game, and end game. Games that have several expansions with new level caps. New World is nowhere near that point in its lifespan. At this rate, New World will be offering the game with a maxed out character for new players, complete with gear, before the year is out. That may be an incentive to new players, but demoralizes existing players. Those new players will eventually hit end game and realize that everything was a walk in the park, end game complete, time to move on to the next game.

At this point, why should I buy high priced items on the trading post? The items will be a dime a dozen in a few weeks. Why bother with orb creation, those will be thrown to the wind too, right? What is the point of playing now? Switch to another game and come back when everything is available?

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I feel the same honestly. Everything I do or worked hard for it, spent god knows how much hours on will evetually become a normal thing, even thought its never supposed to be. Im kinda suprised they still didnt release a patch where every crafting profession will start at 180 from now on just so they can spit in the face of their loyal players one more time.

There are always catch-up systems after a certain amount of time. You’ve had the privilege and grinded to be ahead and had that for many months now. It’s not something you get forever or these games completely die. Grow up and don’t hold your value in “I spent X hours grinding this”

Your degree of butthurt will vary with Mileage.