Watermark - Expertise clarification

I have some questions I need to get straight in my head about the upcoming changes:

  1. My watermark is 535. If I currently have crafted weapons or armor at GS 595 that someone crafted for me will the “effective” GS for that item be halfway between (595-535) as it will be after the patch or will it be 595? This is for gear owned before the changes

  2. If I buy gear or weapons from the auction prior to the changes will it be different then above?

  3. Is the watermark system applied to each slot or each type of item in the different slots. In other words, Is my helm one watermark or is there a watermark for heavy helm, medium helm, and light helm? Is there one watermark for shields, or one for round shield, kite shield, tower shield? Is there one watermark for each weapon type or just the weapon slot?

  4. I understand that crafted items I craft will provide me full benefit. Will these crafted items make my watermark score the same as the crafted item or will it stay where it was and the item is just not effected? If I craft a GS 595 item, and my watermark before crafting the item is 535, will my watermark for dropped gear be 595 or 535?

Thank you for clarification.


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