Watermark in Genesis and Lazarus?

Level 60+ named enemies are even more likely to drop HWM-increasing items, and Expedition Bosses will always drop an item that increases your HWM.

If you want to maximize your chances of getting HWM increases in a more controlled environment, Expeditions are a great way to do it. Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality are full of elite monsters to fight, and the bosses guarantee that you’ll see an increase every time they drop a gear item for you.

This is from the dev post about watermark.From what I understand the bosses from those 2 dungeons are supposed to always give you an increase in watermark.So does that mean that when you reach 600 it will only drop 600 gear score items?cause they don’t.Is this a bug?Please someone with better knowledge about this,explain how it works.Thanks!

Has noone got an answer to this?

The watermark increase is not guaranteed. If you have 600 watermark you are not guaranteed a legendary. I’ve done 40+ runs of Lazz and Gen after 1.1 patch.

Im not talking about getting a legendary item.I am talking about the bosses from those dungeons not giving max gear score items,whatever tier they might be.

600 is not guaranteed if your watermark is 600.

WM is capped at 591 then it rolls

How can
“… Expedition Bosses will always drop an item that increases your HWM.”
“The watermark increase is not guaranteed” both be true?

The first was said by devs. The second was said by you

As other poster said your watermark caps at 590 and then you roll on anything higher its guaranteed at least 591, once you hit 590. Before that u get an increase.

look , you cant get an answer , devs are not sure how their system interacts with the code of
dungeon boss loot , so no one knows how it works .

It’s almost like I’ve done 80 expeditions and I know exactly what my watermark is. Who do you trust more? The guy with 1200 hours in the game or some random patch notes that are never accurate from some random person who has 2 hours in the game?

Sure, I might not know how it works, but I can tell you after 80 expeditions the watermark is not guaranteed.

Yeah, I was just pushing both sentences in opposition because that’s the truth. One of them is wrong. I didn’t mean to say it was yours. I have done over 10 genesis and Lazarus. Not as many as you have but I also don’t get every piece at 600. His explanation makes sense. When you reach max HW you full between 591-600

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