Watermark Increase Issues

Hello all,

I recently sent in an email to AGS about their watermark system and the EXTREMELY slow increase of GS gains. I was surprised to see that they acknowledged there was a problem with it and how slow the gains are and are apparently working on it. Just wanted to share an image of the email so that those of you who are wondering if they’re looking into it, know that they are. (Or so they say). I hope so!

Lol probably just an auto response.

Here’s to hoping it wasn’t lmao

After reaching 60, I started playing Outpost Rush. Everyone kept saying the rewards give you good gear drops. The good gear drops should equip me to play in the higher-end zones. But all I get are level 500 gear. It doesn’t get any higher even after hours and hours of Outpost Rush.

Apparently I’m supposed to play in undergeared equipment in the high end zones of New World, to die alot, to get the gear drops that I’m supposed to get from playing Outpost Rush, so that one day, I won’t die alot. Seems backwards to me.

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