Watermark Significant Nerf on PTR

According to “kaptainkeel” on his reddit post:
"Watermark stuff

See the following graph. The simple version is this: The odds of increasing your watermark were reduced from 10% to 1%. Minimum GS increase is nerfed at higher watermarks (2 to 1). Odds of a 600 GS item dropping were reduced significantly, but odds of a 591+ is up on average. Overall, HWM progression is significantly nerfed.

(Thanks Fluff in the NWDB Discord for this)


HWM : ExceedMax : ChanceToExceed : ChanceBump

500 : +5 : 3% : +0.25%

510 : +5 : 2% : +0.225%

525 : +4 : 1.75% : +0.1875%

550 : +3 : 1.5% : +0.125%

575 : +2 : 1% : +0.06%

590 : +10 : 1% : +0.025%

RollupChance: 10% on all


500 : +5 : 1% : +0.1%

520 : +4 : 1% : +0.1%

545 : +3 : 1% : +0.1%

575 : +2 : 1% : +0.1%

585 : +1 : 1% : +0.1%

590 : +10 : 1% : +0.1%

RollupChance: 1% on all

Note there is a bunch of other stuff that also modifies this. It remains to be seen how bad the nerf is, but it will be significant. For example, HWMMult (a multiplier for raising HWM) was reduced from 30 on elite chests down to 15. For elite mobs, it was reduced from 2 to 1.5. For named mobs, it was reduced from 15 to 4. These HWMMult changes are on top of the drop chance being reduced from 10% to 1%, so there are multiple areas of nerfs." (end Quote).


already read a post on that rollup chance listed being false so that takes a huge chunk out of your bad possibly even a net benefit when you factor in gypsum. but guess what? you dont know, i dont know, they don’t know… nobody knows. BUT ITS BAD!


Create problems to sell the solution.

Gypsum cooldowns coming to a cash shop near you!


what proof do you have? can you stop lying and spreading misinformation?

or is that kind of your thing? Thats how you get your jollies?

From Zin’s FAQ:

Will you be selling Gypsum in the cash shop?

  • We will not sell Gypsum in the cash shop

Edit: ok, to be fair you said CDs, not gypsum itself. I doubt it, but maybe we can get another clarification

Ah, the usual fanboi defending what can’t be defended.
I hope you’re going to enjoy your lonely game if this ever goes live.

Gypsum gain boosts, Gypsum cooldown resets, luck boosts, Expertise gain boosts, Orb sales, and so on.

They said no selling of gypsum. They did not say “no sale of anything that would give an advantage to gaining expertise”. So either they are too dense to understand what the question really was asking, or the answer was deliberately narrow. Given how manipulative they have been in communications, I suspect the latter.

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Or the answer was narrow because the question was narrow. If they end up selling advantages in the cash shop, it will be a big shift away from the kind of traditional MMO experience most of us want (you work/grind for what you have). That signal would definitely create a hard quit from many of us (including me) and I’m sure they know that.

That 30% luck boost for PVP flagging is really juicy now. Pretty much forced PVP on everybody with these changes, you would be an idiot to not flag. People will be squeezing every opportunity to increase that rate of expertise gain.

More focused on this part of the response.

20 potential casts, but only 7 possible per day, with only 1 per slot.

We may be seeing this through a different lens. I don’t think there are going to be a whole lot of “fresh 60s” that have to do the entire grind. And, for those of us that need to continue our grind, I think we’re going to see more groups doing it and in more locations. On low pop servers we don’t really have access to this content because we can’t get OPRs to pop, markets are slim, not enough people to run Myrk, etc. so if everyone will be running all the old and new elite areas for their orbs, I see it as an expansion of available content.

They have already stated in interviews their intention to sell boosts for people who have less time to play (out of the kindness of their hearts…). It is not rocket science, they deliberately create droughts so they can sell us expensive bottles of water, figuratively speaking. They also used the same narrow language when there was some backlash ‘the game will LAUNCH with purely cosmetic items’.

Amazon’s New World suggests selling XP boosts in-game, internet explodes | PCGamesN

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so this probably means theyll be selling fairy godmother wishes in real life too judging by your logic.

also would like to buy winning power ball ticket too im pretty sure theyll be selling that. I didnt ask them and they didnt say no so I’m just going to assume thats a yes.

this in game cash shop gonna be LIT!

#starkmadness logic. hey that fits.

I read the post you are referring to FROM THE NDA ALPHA before this game went through tons of iterations? Not only that, you do realize like in WoW you can buy boosted characters? people actually ended up liking this. Since forever ago you could do refer a friend and level so fast. WHO CARES about exp boosts are you freaking kidding me? What do you care if there are more lvl 60 players to do content with? Its not even pay to win if youre talking about crap like that. It doesn’t take that long to hit 60 holy crap.

I think I’d rather get stuff to craft an orb than grind chests/elites all day. I think that is still available for people who do like grinding chests but the gypsum seems to spread the ways of getting expertise over a wider range of activities.

It’s all speculation. I’ve seen no actions that indicate they’re headed in that direction. Yes, they could. Yes, they haven’t openly said “no advantage of any kind ever”…

But still just speculation. If they ever do, so be it. I’m gone.

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It’s a video game with no subscription. It’s gotta make money somehow.

Speculation? I sent you a link where the Studio Director of the company literally said they plan to sell boosts to to reduce time sinks.

"After players have earned sufficient Gypsum for an Orb, they won’t earn more for 23 hours. Gypsum Orbs can then be crafted into Gypsum Casts of any weapon, armor, or trinket type. "

do we even know how many orbs it takes to craft a cast?

Most likely 1. The orb mechanic is stated in that post to work as the cooldown gate.

It’s an easy way for them to allow 1 cooldown per slot/weapon type while also allowing 7 cooldowns in total per day.

Basically making the life easier on the coders.

EDIT: Making them simple, separate parts of code also makes for an easy value to change. Which supports my initial statement in this thread.

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I get it. I remember that article, and the directors comments. All we know is boosts “may” be coming, and if they do we don’t know in what capacity. The whole article is “may” this “may” that, or “we will test ideas”. Zero definitive language. They also said they aren’t trying to rush people to end game, only help people with less time to play. What does that mean? Will you be able to buy the game, make a toon, and be 60/200/600 the next day for one low price of $1,000?

We’ll just have to agree to disagree that this article speculative or definitive.

My belief is they’re still trying to figure how many players are like me that would quit as soon as P2W is implemented.