Watermark System is repetitive and boring

Does anyone like this repetitive system to farm watermark? I want to attend high-tier dungeons and farm keys but before that, I need to grind my watermarks to 600 to get decent loot from dungeons, can they at least be separate? Can at least dungeons give high GS items may be less probability for them to drop rather than me farming the first 600 GS watermark and then going to dungeons? Can there at least be implemented a system where you just choose for example 1 weapon and you farm that watermark? This grind seems too much and boring as it is the same every time nothing new going and farming chests every 24h. Seems like super boring endgame content. And if they increase GS to 650 or 700 and + add weapons should they be farmed again from 500? How will scaling happen for this game in the future?

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