"We’ve tuned down the general chances of getting an Expertise bump to compensate for the guaranteed bumps that were added with Gypsum"

"Note that we’ve tuned down the general chances of getting an Expertise bump to compensate for the guaranteed bumps that were added with Gypsum. Elite chest odds were reduced a little, but open world named enemies were reduced a lot. "

Just slowed down that end game. You get like a 1 point on a single slot increase each day because all other HWM increases just got nerfed. Hooray!


This will make the game more enjoyable and rewarding. What a joke………

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But the odds on good drops from elite chest and open world named enemies were already trash? That’s why instead of that mindless grind, I chose the mindless grind of leveling my crafting so I could just make my own gear reliably. Now that gear is going to be nerfed until I go back and do the other grind?

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Correct, that’s what the devs have told us today.

Don’t worry, Dec is just the phase where they create the problem.
January update is where they sell you the solution in the cash shop.

40 Dollar phone game.


We heard your concerns about the watermark grind being too grindy and not fun and we have a solution: Now EVERYONE has to do it!


This is so funny and true at the same time.

Basically, they have tried to improve the system by giving us some control over it with a new system that we cannot yet know will be more or less grindy than the current system. The one bump per slot per day thing waves some savage red flags right off the bat but…

I’d be bang up for trying the new approach… except for the bit where they began by saying everyone has to adopt it and you’re all being reset to whatever your gs is when it goes live.

Immediate hard pass. No matter how good the new system is, forcing it as the global bottleneck and opting to not grandfather existing progression is a massive no go.

No one asked for hwm to be the only method. So changing it to be exactly that negates any improvements. I mean, I’d be open to discussion about it if we got to try the new system first and loved it…

But this has been framed like so…

“We’ve listened, we know it’s grindy and unpopular and we want to improve it but you’ll need to buy into our changes and this will be your only option now, sorry”

No good reason for it. It feels punitive. It feels like they’re being forced to concede in a battle of wills and so they think we need to compromise as well.

Honestly, the pattern of negative change is excessive here. And most positive changes are packaged with this condition of negative counterbalance as well. Just too much of it.

They need to get some feel good patches out. Several of them.

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Good that I did not hurry levelling. I get to enjoy it some more before I hit 60 and the game ends.


Even better.

My wallet is ready to Pay 2 Win.

thats just the cherry on top of an already steaming pile of dogshit

Let’s just cut to the chase.

Quit fucking blueballing me and let me buy my way into fun.
The soul sucking grind is in place, it doesn’t need to be grindier.

Roll out the cash shop updates with gypsum packs and gold already. My credit card is ready,

dont get me wrong i have no issues with abit of p2w mechanics. i played BDO and threw more money at the game than im willing to admit but atleast they have been honest about their payment model from day 1.

im not willing to pay AGS a single dime of my hard earned money after what they did to this game already and after seeing how they constantly shit on all feedback we give them and then do the exact opposite.

having a 23hr cd for gypsum orb crafting is the worst, u are essentially required to log in everyday and get ur orb or u will fall behind. it’s a huge mandatory grind, much like doing dailies in archeage, it was the worst. they are making this game feel like a second job at this point…

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The daily faction bonus is more than enough. We run them ritually because if we don’t then we miss almost 700g a day. Missing an asmodeum craft is almost as bad but you don’t need it as frequently.

More daily “just an hour” tasks will turn the game into a mobile game.

And no, they’re not adding anything like this to the shop. That’s complaining about nothing factual (or hoping for it, whatever).

It’s bad enough as it is. We don’t need to fabricate issues to exaggerate it.

Erm… what part of crafting is reliable?

  • The GS result is mostly random, though you can control the spread.
  • The stats/perks are mostly random with the exception of specialty recipes and a single stat/perk you can control.

You can craft a perfect 600 GS Legendary item with the best perks and that one perfect stat what, 0.01% of the time? Mind you, this is with all the trophies, a full armor set for that chosen profession and buff food. The rest you hope you can sell, otherwise you wasted money if you are already 200 skill level.

Fair enough. The rng is rough. I feel like it’s way better than dropped loot though. At least I can choose what I’m making and I can put strength on my strength weapon. I feel like every one I get in the world is for the battlemage or the cleric, lol. So if you’re not going for BIS, I feel like it’s at least an order of magnitude better because you can eliminate a couple variables.

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