We all need to address the maintenance issues on EU servers

Dude they dont take server down to make some balance patch or so while prime time. Pls stop cry cause u cant play a game and go have a nice day outside…

This is my same perspective on the topic, its actually pretty important for a community to grow… the server stability, uptime and time perspective which is all my points…

Good night!

I paid for it in order to get pleasure and this is not the first time

how much hours have u played till now?

I agree, I hope everything will be resolved

And here we got the 10y old boy commenting, its ok that you don’t understand the underlaying concept I’m trying to conduct here.

Lets see what has going on in EU servers the last 4 days ;
[Downtime] November Monthly Release release of new content at 18:00 (midday EU time)

[Downtime] Addressing Various Issues 6:00 am PT downtime regarding day time skipping and other minor bugs at 15:00 lasting 4hours

[Downtime] Addressing Time Skews in Certain EU Central Worlds downtime regarding time issues (timestamps) at 07:00 am lasting to 15:00

This is NOT INCLUDING the downtime today.

Please go away as you don’t seem to grasp the concept I’m trying to point out here.

1st Down time u adress started 14:00
2nd started 15:00
3rd 7:00
I dont see Prime time in here and yes Monday 15:00 is still no prime time cause the most people work at this time. And there are like 100 posts like this in the forum. And they already made adjustments. But the only thing u complain is obviously that U want to play 12-24 and they should patch at times u dont wanna play. But atm there Bugs and fixed that need to be fixed asap and they are doing fine.

Not sure if i will get banned for sharing AGS personal info but do not trust other graphs this is the go to for your happiness

1st downtime started 14:00 and lasted 5h
2nd downtime started 15:00 and lastet 4h
3rd downtime started 07:00 but was postponed to 14:00

There is a reason for the reviews of the game are depleting, it the fact that most mmorpg games are stable, form patch and maintenance window. This amazon experience is like the wild west. We need stability, server uptime and firm maintenance windows. Its the only way the game is going to survive.

And to your other points that just me want to play from 12-24 its primetime is from 13:00 -22:00 look at graphs posted more up in this thread. They are shutting it all down in primetime.

Work night? What makes you think the devteam is european? This isn’t 1992 when you need to feed floppies into huge machine in the cellar. The dev team can just as well be located in the US and we can deffo “force” them to work during daytime.

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^ this…

Then your definition of Prime Time is another but its fine. Most Jobs start between 7-9:00 so if u work your 8hrs a day as normal people do and have your lunch break like normal people ure done with work at 16-18:00. So u come home shower eat and then wanna game. So most people start to play at 19-20:00 and thats the Prime Time. Thats why in TV the news, good films and expensive advertising starts about 19:00 (Blockbuster ~20:15).

Well in network and services distribution the prime time is defined by when most players are playing the game. Meaning that your definition of primetime is not the same as your life but the activity on the server. This again proves my point that the “servers” primetime, and not your life is between 13:00 and 22:00 no matter what your doing in your life.

Therefor a good time to do bugfixes, patches and other stuff is at night between 01:00 - 06:00 CET that all other MMORPGS games do (guild wars, wow, black desert and so on…)

<3 Prime Time is the whole day then cause there always 15k+ Online. so lets never patch cause else those 15k cant play.

Mate, read…
at 13:00 its around 100 000 active players on EU servers alone and it has around 100 000 - 150 000 active players until 22:00… at 03:00 - 06:00 its around 25 000 active players, THATS the time do stuff.

50-70k but yeah many play at that time and AGS still dont make some smal balance patches in this times.

But prime time is 1-2 hours before and after peak. Not at a certain amount of player.

i give up on you, carry on!

I dont mind the downtimes to roll in patches and make sure servers run fine.

I do mind that everytime they roll out a patch or “hotfix” they break another thing causing the next unnecessary downtime and player anger.