We are just a one small step from one big storage

Hey AGS!

Thanks for making Storage global. This is so helpful. I don’t know how others, but at this moment, I mostly use city names as my “own” tabs, for example, monarchs is only jewelery etc, firstlight is only cooking etc etc.

My point is that we are just small step away from delete town names, delete all tabs, make all big global storage, instead of 10 storages x 1.000 capacity, make one big storage for 10.000 capacity (example of course, normally we have bigger nrs). And instead of city names, let us make our own tab names :slight_smile: So I can just make it “Cooking” or whatever, and put it all there.

Just the idea.
Thanks for reading, please leave a comment.


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Until the storage has filters as the TP (dex, int, perks, etc) we need to keep it separated, because as you said, personal tabs are needed.

If I get a global storage with no filters, it’ll take me 30 minutes to find build sets, as everything, you know, is called almost the same.


Me too!

I’m not keen on one huge storage though; that is, I don’t want to see ALL my items displayed in the same screen if that’s what you’re saying. Happy for it to be an option so players who want it can do that, but I’d still like to organise my stuff in tabs I can name, as you suggested.

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that lasts me all of 20 seconds before i screw it up.


I agree 100%. But in my humble opinion the inventory system overall needs more love than that. Especially the search functionality needs to be updated significantly. If I search for “hatchet” it should just bring up all the hatchets in my inventory and not only items that have “hatchet” in their name. Also searching for perks should be possible, “resilient” should bring up all items that have that perk on it. I could go on here for a while, but I’m sure you get it.

Global Storage? Yes. But please don’t stop there.


Sadly the servers probably couldn’t handle this. Try to open your storage in windsward during primetime hours today and watch it take 20s…Can you imagine how long it would take to open one unified storage? 3minutes?

Storage “opening” bug is not related to size of storage. Its bug on it’s own for full storages and empty ones. (checked it with new character having no storage)

I occurs when you login and first open the storage.


we need to make own tabs and add filters. plssss

some ideas for tabs:
pvp gear
pve gear
daily cd’s
named weapons
named armor
named jewellery
for sale
random stuff
and more…

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Not until they get a working gear load out system and inventory filter system.


@Zelme bump:)

It’s perfectly fine and unique the way it is now.

Thanks mad, but I have to disagree. It’s not fine, maybe unique, but not fine.

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I hope the devs are working on this as it has been an issue since storage existed. Please if you are still working on adding in a filter for storage please add the option to see what is BoE and what is BoP so that we know we can look through our items after a dungeon/exploring and see what we can sell/salvage easily.

Yes, please! The inventory system overall needs some love, though.


I am not for Global Storage but adding some way to find, section and search functionnality…

@Salomon you are destroying New World with your potatoe Idea !

I am reading what you wrote over and over again and still can not believe :wink:
I think you are kinda potato yourself

and by the way, you literally already have global storage, each storage connected from no matter what city you are in :smiley: but you are against it :smiley: