We can be sad together

I got home today at 5pm cst and booted up the game first thing expecting to have a wait. I can’t complain, I was on at server launch day 1 and immediately after maintenance yesterday morning. After waiting until 3 hours to clear out the 1238 people in the line ahead of me, I can confirm Christmas mornings of my youth gave my similar excitement.

However, for reason(s) I do not understand, NewWorld.exe would not accept any inputs from my mouse or keyboard when I finally logged in. Oddly enough, I was sitting in my PC chair eating dinner and watching videos on YouTube on my iPad while waiting to enter the server having touched NOTHING for those 3 full hours. So I was able to temporarily lose all MKB function specifically isolated to New World after launching the game without issue, and if it isn’t apparent, they’re both immediately working fine again.

I feel terrible for people who’ve been kicked off for connection issues or whatever reason really. If anyone needs a virtual hug, could i plz volunteer? i need one too

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