We can't transfer! fix it

Fix the transfer error now. Why don’t you take care of so many people’s problems? 1 manager here tells us the methods we know, but I guess you don’t want to understand: IT DOESN’T FIX!

admin please looking !!!

Yeah pls fix the Transfer issue. No one can transfer server since patch.

I’ve opened a topic about this issue as well. the devs know about the problem and are looking at it. but they couldn’t give me an approx. time/date when this issue will be fixed. i’m stuck as well


my guess is also that this needs to be fixed with another maintenance or downtime for sure hehe

I know so many people having this issue. I don’t need to transfer myself, but I feel bad for the people who are stuck on a server they don’t want to be on. Hope it gets fixed soon.


Our team is aware of this issue and are currently investigating to get a resolution in place. In the meantime we have seen some folks talk about a potential workaround that has caught our team’s attention and we are gathering more information on it in this thread.

If you could kindly give that workaround a shot and then leave us your information as detailed in my post on that thread so we can investigate further, that would be greatly appreciated!

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