We captured a territory. Zerg use small company to put it on war 3 hours after

This game War system is just a mess. We attack the territory of another company that was in a war elsewhere. They win that territory and us too because they praticaly let it go ( Why did we ask ourselves) .

Well 3 hours later in the middle of the night that hardcore company used their small company with iteration of the main name to put it in conflict in under 30 minutes and we have a war setup already.

This put power into small companies in the war system broke the game Gratz. People are just abusing it.

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This game is balanced around continuous war, just having it declared shouldnt be any surprise to you.

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I don’t think this has anything to do with small companies. Anyone can put a territory into conflict, whether they are in a company or not.

I think what you’re really referring to is the fact there is no “cool down” period after a territory is won in war (or lost). I think this is pretty valid. I wish there was a 24-48 hour cooldown that would prevent territories from being in constant war.

As it stands, that doesn’t exist, so, on a lot of servers, if you win a territory you can expect it to be put in conflict immediately afterward.

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His primary issue besides the immediate war declaration was that . The multi territory company after losing a two front war is gonna avoid that in the future by using fake companies

multiple people spent 3 hours and 5-15k gold for a chance to attack you? ok

run pvp quests too or just kill them and defend your territory

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