We could use a slight queue buffer

I think we could probably use a slight queue buffer (just a few minutes) to help with some of the following issues:

  • Game Disconnects
  • Having to restart due to bug fixes (.i,e the recent left click not working).
  • Queue disconnect
  • Game crashes
  • Power outage

As it currently stands any of the above happens to you and you have to rejoin the queue. What I propose is a small buffer 1-2 minutes where you can rejoin the game and not lose your place. Either by rejoining the game or rejoining the queue at the same position.

I’m pretty sure an awful lot of us have experienced at least one of the above and it’s incredibly frustrating. We all understand why the queuing has to take place currently but I think we should have some protection around issues outside of our control.

Without a way to resolve the huge inconvenience you can get from a simple disconnect, I think the community will only get harsher as a result.

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