We Deserve Better Communication

Having played Alpha, Preview, and Beta (over 500 hours between the three) - I can safely say that communication is what really needs to be provided to the community.

We had minimal guidance and communication throughout all of Alpha and Beta and it’s sad to see that same mentality replicated even though New World is now live.

While we’re seeing better official news on the forums, it would be incredible to understand what’s planned next and really what’s the roadmap going forward.

You’re missing out on a vital opportunity to engage with your community and build excitement.

Having been along for the journey for so long, I know what you all are capable of from a development perspective. You’ve proven that patch and patch again throughout Alpha. Many of the folks that have just joined after the release have not seen that yet.

It’s time to help others see what you’re truly capable of. We don’t need dates but even just a high level roadmap of what can be expected in roughly 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc. would be a huge step in the right direction.

Please give us more communication and knowledge into your future plans and help build excitement in the community. A large majority of your community is tired of being in the dark and to be fair, we deserve better.

This is not a request to hurry up with things - as fixing things correctly and delivering valuable content takes time… but providing the communication of your plan takes only a small fraction of time in comparison.



In most cases I can’t be sure about what I feel they are doing, but it’s my feeling that they are hiding a lot of things from us.

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