We Deserve to Know This

For example: “X amount of players, on X server were banned for duping x amount of tier 3 trophies.”

Is this an outrageous ask? I’m not asking them to post the line of code that was messed up or a step by step walkthrough of how the exploit was performed.

Something a little better than: “We’ve fixed the problem and punished the players who abused it.”

@Blackxp - AGS only says they have a system to detect this early but the dupes/exploit were being reported here in the forums more than 24 hours before they shut the TP down :frowning:

By the time they shut down the TP, other servers were already reporting the dupes/exploits for hours, so forgive my cynicism when I say I have zero trust in whatever AGS is saying right now.

This is actually really helpful as I’ve been away from the game for almost a year. What they had given us in the past was vague responses on actions they had taken. Did not know most of this, and thank you for one of the few constructive posts on this thread.

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Well I’m also referencing the last dupe/exploit in Sept when they had a really fast turnaround at about 16 hours that included overnight and into a weekend. That’s also where I got most of the answers above.

This does appear far more complicated though, but based on the previous response I’m sure they have been paying for people working on this overnight. Perhaps it’s more complicated than they think.

The first step is to fix it to prevent more abuse. Then identify the accounts that did it. Then they can temp ban those accounts instead and open it all up.

How great the system is, I’m not sure but this is far better of a response than at release so I’m happy with it honestly. Remember dupes and exploits are just what happens with MMOs, it’s how they handle them that matters most.

I’m thinking they will have an extensive post like they did last time. For now it’s the fix stage. Definitely not fun for those that used the TP a ton but we will manage.

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Continuing the discussion from [Downtime] September 23rd, 2022:

Here is their response to an event back in Sept. It had a turnover of about 16 hours. It might not have all of the information that you are requesting but honestly I think it’s pretty good as far as dev responses go.


You guys need to take this shit less seriously. They should do their part. But this post. Ridiculous. Touch grass. Am I wrong?

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What if someone reading this lives in like a desert area like idk Arizona or something and is suddenly stressed out that they cannot comply with this touch grass request. I’m sure then you gonna feel pretty bad!

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If you were sensible you’d touch something green. :smirk:

Then suddenly they in the ER because they touched a cactus! This is escalating!!

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Cactus are protected and only tourists and assholes mess with cactus.

Heh thanks for the funny though.

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cactus are not!

Lmao relax. I have full time job, friends I go out with every sunday, and like 20 bonsai trees. I literally touch grass every day.

Probably the reason I actually have a reasonable grasp of what good customer service is, since I’m actually out in the world and not doordashing my food, ordering everything online, and being a recluse.

I’m not even demanding these things. I’m just stating we deserve to know, and apparently, in my ignorance, it has something they have done a better job of sharing since I’ve been away from this game making this whole thread redundant. So I’m just gonna have fun with it now.

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So, first of all, AGS did the smart thing, and after they worked on a mitigation, they shared some information about what happened.

While I agree that sharing some of the information mentioned your original post may not appear to expose AGS or New World to any particular vulnerabilities, the fact remains that good operational security means giving out information only when necessary. The inner workings of the exploit are less relevant than is a quick remediation. In particular, questions about responses taken to a particular action or protective measures put in place are valuable information for people trying to exploit a system, and should be denied outright.

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How many people are banned?
How many people from which server?
What are their nicknames?
As a player, I want to know the answers to these.

Well you will most likely never know so there you go.

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