We Don't Need Any Rollback

People got gifted gold, an absurd amount of gold but a good amount, now the people who got the gold benefited, the people who was selling stuff on the market benefited, the people who are not selling and who did not get given gold did not benefit and they are the ones that are salty.

if you DID NOT list anything on the market then that is your problem, If you DID NOT have houses to receive tax back with extra 0s then that your problem, the markets have been cleared and good to not see absurd prices.

people are now going to be able to level up crafting, level up in general, make money, be able to actually for once in the game have a fun time and not spend weeks after weeks grinding.

i was fortunate to buy stuff off the market and got gifted gold by the amazing Devs (im not being sarcastic calling them amazing) and i am not able to enjoy the game but still farm, just get gud people and stop being salty


Congratulation :partying_face:



that plenty blatant blunt you admit you like the sudden incentive :sweat_smile:, well i already don’t care about economy in this game, i gonna go hiking on ebon again and chill around it’s beach

I have being paying taxes on 3 houses since release and still got nothing so damn right I am salty. However I am more worried about the advantages and consequences of people getting rediculous amounts.


“British Zeus” yep doesn’t have a big ego who only cares about themselves only. mhm nope.

Also you lost.

the point of an mmo rpg game is exactly that… have fun time AND SPEND weeks after weeks grinding, you are one of the small brain players that want everything in 1 month and then Quit the game cus you have nothing else to do… you should never be full geared max profession in the first month of an mmo rpg game … that should last for a lot of months - years… how someone who respect his self is happy that got 300k free coin …you are tragic … thats all i have to say… tragic.


They gifted you the $ cos you seems to have mental problems,use it well boy!


My god. You sound like a 5 year old.


At this point i really dont know whats worse. AGS or the players.


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I leveled up my weaponsmithing yesterday before all this shit took place… finally got it from 3 to 50… spent around 500 gold in the market to do it… and also made a extra rugged leather bag that i shouldnt have wasted money on guess that will be reset now… on the plus side ill have all my gold back… so i can just go farm those mats, not waste money on that extra bag, because i regretted it in the end… gold is better to hold and just farm the mats, i was just being lazy

Another “We” post… you obviously don’t need any rollback. I don’t need any rollback, would profit quite well if it isn’t rollbacked BUT nonetheless I think it makes sense to rollback and distribute the correct amount of money instead.
I know some people might not have benefitted from it and were playing during the show taking place, so I wish for them, that their genuine progress is not rolled back.


Well i hope even though they are doing a rollback, they just ban ppl who abused it to buy infinite stuff on the trading post. at least for about a month. i’d like to see you bitch about that after being banned for bug abusing =)

I have a house and I did not recieve any gold.On which category you gonna put me in ?


Cool, so “we” do not need a rollback because you benefitted from it.
Funny how all kids whine that nothing is needed as long as they benefitted from it, but call for nerfs, rollbacks, etc. as soon as they have a disadvantage.


Do your parents know you are using their account to post this ?


It’s just a troll

you sound like “why we don’t print too much money so everyone can be rich?”

jeez you played games on your whole life right? Try improve yourself

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Exactly, I don’t understand why they can’t just appriciate what they have.
I’m only low level so far and I’m taking my sweet-ass-time with it because I know there’s more to it than just getting to max level in such a small amount of time. People think it’s a race to endgame. In reality, they should just appriciate what they have before something bad happens to their account lol

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