We expected more from Amazon

There is a lot of anger and rage going on this morning and rightfully so. I’ve also seen some of the “amazon banner carriers” pop up and champion the devs’ cause. I can’t speak for everyone, but from one veteran gamer I can tell you in short. . . NW, has been a complete let down.

I absolutely thought, if any company could nail an MMO and change the face of gaming, it would be amazon; and nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not sure why, but I thought the very best & brightest, innovative, and creative thinkers would pour all of that genius into this project to make it something we haven’t seen yet. Sure, some things are better, and it’s great looking – but this game is the same ol’ product in a new cardboard box, the difference is be it through indignance about “making something new” or just plain lack of knowledge, nearly ALL of the “quality of life” aspects are not in the game, and don’t appear to be in the works. These are the things that developers put in, so they don’t sell out on content in instead make everything monotonous and a pain so as to slow down in game progression. You can have both.

  • Mounts – whatever, it would be nice, and stick to theme, but if you really say no, I suppose whatever – know that you’ll lose people over it
  • In game market? - please, the market is garbage. If you want a self-driven, “healthy” economy you have to put enough tools in it for the players to drive it
    o Can’t even purchase remote and have it sent to storage??? What? You want to learn this – get from the masters - #seeEVEONLINE
    o No stats, trending etc. How can you have a healthy, thriving economy when just about EVERY sale is put up based on a crap shoot with little to know information – i.e. the “preview comparison” is a joke at best. An afterthought with no valuable data to compare one item to another without having to CLOSE the market, look at what your selling, run a buy scenario to get an accurate price. It’s laughable
    o Completed and sold in the same tab??? Just what in the F. how are we supposed to gauge market effectiveness without ANY FORM OF DATA whatsoever?
  • Summon friends
  • Azimoth limit is so low you could very well dimmish it inside of 2.5-3 jumps
  • MANY are inventory locked – one of the other reason all the players were mad about the market is we actually need the market to store sales because inventory space is shit. Unless again, we store in different cities, which with an ever abundant Azimoth shortage, this is problematic as well
  • INVENTORY – I actually had to have my brother log in, and take some inventory off me after buying too much iron ore, thus I was literally STUCK in place with NO way to empty outside of destroying items…Why?
    o NO separate pickup for my orders to these inventory problems just lock people down
    o NO data to tell me in weight how much I’m buying and it’s soon to be realized effects it will have on my mobility
  • Governors / Taxes / Development – great idea, that must have just been added without every playing that mentally through to end game….what happens if:
    o Greedy governors pocket most of the money and/or do a shitty or completely absent job of upgrading – see The Emerald Brotherhood on Sakennussem
    o No way for local’s do rise up or rebel against shitty leadership outside of begging outside factions for help uninstalling a governor? Seriously guys? Some foresight here.
  • Recycling items – let’s be honest, it’s a joke. The only reason we do it is because without this feature we’re absolutely screwed for space. There isn’t enough room to build up any decent amount of inventory to sell off over time
  • You’ve put VERY little thought into the money sinks in the game. Much of what was mentioned above are your sinks, but the problem is they outpace the faucets. Many people are broke save a few – but guess what, the ones that are broke are the builders. The people that harvest everything and sell it all are loaded, and have plenty of room, if you manufacture, you have little to no inventory space, and a pocketbook to match. Why is this important. . . . because it’s supposed to be a player driven economy, but all your manufacturing people are crippled with bottle necks left and right in every major logistical system in the game.

All this negative deserves some positive, it’s pretty, very pretty, hell it’s even enjoyable at times despite the massive collection of shortfalls. The problem (at least for me) the higher level I get, the more prevalent these obstacles are becoming, which is making me want to log on less and less. Again, just a point of view, I’m sure that’s been expressed more articulate than what I’ve put together here, but there are some serious deficiencies that won’t have this alive another 6 months if you don’t get them remedied or addressed by the Christmas gaming season.

Also, you’ve let slip through the very most important glitch to MMO’ers - you must protect their wallets and XP above all else. Glitchy mobs, weird sounds, sticking, we can all live with…Straight out loss of in game money and XP is an absolute deal killer.



Most people don’t appreciate this sort of idiotic, infantile response - but honestly, it’s what drives me. #cheers

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