We got cheaper house taxes! but you killed the low pop servers with it

Everyone happy with cheap house taxes this month, but killed us on low pop as our towns take in most gold from taxes on houses as we dont have hundreds of people crafting… there is no chance we keep up with our 100k up keep… becuse of this even if I max out the tax price its still like 50-60% cheaper then it usually are… and its noticeable when you have a peek of 140 players…

As we lose money from not having a Trading post either…

If you aint gonna do merges any time soon with the servers… atleast do something about town taxes on low pop… We cant generate the same amount of money as big servers do…

Yes! before people start saying “let it downgrade” in invasions, well we do it and played aroud it with what to upgrade kinda each “week” but this week with the server rollback on EU our Main towns invasion randomly got cancelled and now taxes comes with insane prices…

I been trying to keep our little server “alive” as we wait on merges… but I guess this is the end for our town, so if anyone know what happens if I dont pay the “upkeep” more the downgrades, please tell me so I know what to do with our little “community” main town.


You get the full amount of taxes even though the player is paying a heavily discounted price. Go back and read the patch notes.

For example if a player normally pays 1k in taxes, said company makes 1k.
With the discount system in play, they’re paying 100g in taxes and said company is still making 1k.


Wouldn’t that eventually cause inflation?

It might reduce some of the deflation already occurring. :slight_smile:

“Company income from home ownership has been also raised to prevent loss of income during this period.”

Is that not working?

The problem on my server is that the companies that control the territories have raised the housing tax prices to 2% (Extreme) because they feel like they aren’t getting their fair share. That’s going to cause problems

you just literally spoiled everyone with information. very bad guy you are :smile: :rofl: :point_right: :+1:

I raised our companys territories taxes to max to. We have no choice. We are literally bleeding money on our low-pop server, and this is a way to atleast not bleed as much money for a while, while not crushing our players. (10% of max tax is still not that expensive)

We honestly don’t have a choice at this point. Our personal wallets are long emptied trying to pay territory-tax, keeping benches upgraded for the few players still playing. Meanwhile we get at least 2 corruption invasions each week, invasions we have no chance to stop, 3 x 2 downgraded town-thingies a week is hella expensive. But. We can’t stop trying either, then we’ll lose the few players we have.

So, bare with your local companies, most territories are not even coming up even - companies are paying for the “honor” to keep them going.

That’s a failscade.

If things are that broken on your server you can either band together or walkaway. Trying to run all the territories is doomed to fail.
Remember the community you build is important not the company or territory.

There’s not enough coin to go around. Pick a territory. Upgrade that one and only that one. The goal is to force the coin there. Let the others downgrade. Max the crafting tax and minimize the refining tax in the downgraded territories. If you can keep the refining upgraded. Minimize the property tax and encourage people to buy 5k houses for the fast travel. It’s a good gathering point for the color that owns it. You keep crafting taxes way down on the only upgraded city to draw people there. The AH will follow. Wait for server merge or players to come back.

Plan B is cut away.

Do some research. Find a server. Transfer there. Sometime you have to cut bait and move on.

Neither choice is right. Figure out which is right for you.

Lmao I’m sorry!!!

Pardon my French but you’re full of shit. You obviously missed the post on the official form here regarding housing taxes in companies being compensated for it. If you take on the responsibilities of owning a territory then that should be divided amongst all of your company members. Even if they roll the money out in the future update it’s not something that you should be charging more for. Basically what you’re saying is that you are double dipping.

Here’s the post in case you didn’t see it:

Housing Taxes Temporarily Reduced:

To address the recent issue regarding duplications and exploits, we have temporarily lowered the weekly housing taxes by 90% until our monthly December update. We want to say thank you and we are sorry to our players who have been impacted by the recent issues. Company income from home ownership has been also raised to prevent loss of income during this period. This is a portion of additional compensation we will be rolling out in future patches.


Did you even read what I wrote? No?

We are already doing “alternative number one”.
We actually have no other choice at this point than cooperating with the other factions too, but it’s still not enough to keep a town upgraded.
Option 2 isn’t an option for me because so many of our community already used their transfer to transfer in.

We have a nice thing going community-wise, no doubt about it, and we will keep trying to hang in there until merges. Meanwhile we are going to take every opportunity to keep atleast one town crafting-worthy, and if NW is making up the 90% difference on taxes, this is an opportunity not to die this week at least. Next week we’ll see. Donations and tournaments has kept us from drowning this far, but it’s definitely getting harder.

Of course I read what you wrote and I commented as such. You’re taking something that the creators have awarded us for our suffering and we aren’t able to take full advantage of it because of your governors raising taxes. It’s simple, don’t upgrade anything until December’s update unless it’s downgraded from invasion and don’t declare any wars. If you do then ask your company members to contribute to your treasury. Don’t make the homeowners in your territory suffer just because you are.

The homeowners in our territories are the ones getting hurt by having no place to craft anything. Invasions tear it down. We have all emptied our personal accounts trying to keep 1 of the territories upgraded.
This way if taxes are 2000, the company gets 2000 to try to keep the server alive. The person paying the tax only pays 200. The rest is payed by New World.
It’s a win win for us, as long as we have the reduction.
Obviously the company will put the housing tax back to minimum when the players have to pay the whole tax themselves.

The taxes are subsidized…

Did they take away the discount for taxes? I couldn’t pay yet for my houses when they first added the discount. It was listed at 90 gold, but I needed to wait a day to pay it. I checked just now and now it’s 400 gold.

AGS screws over the people who don’t get to the good stuff first.

You are trying to keep the server alive when your faction was probably the one to kill it in the first place with greed and toxicity.

If you aren’t - then I apologize. My server was ruined by greedy people who are now crying as if they didn’t deserve to be left isolated.

I love that this game supports building a healthy community of both allies and rivalries.

Those transfer-tickets in combo with people being people (almost) killed us.
I guess that most of the younger players have been playing WoW and similar mmos before this, and felt like the server was “dead” because we had 800-1000 players at prime-time. Which is not to bad with the current server-cap, but is really few people if they compare to other games with server-caps at 10.000.
So, while a bunch of players transferred in, and are now stuck, a huge amount transferred out. And here we are.
I don’t however think I’ve seen a single toxic human being at our server, we do have a nice community going, even before the masses got anxious and transferred out.

Yes its win win for me, never before was so proud to give free voidbent gear, max stats weapons and boost your trade skills to the sky.
Can you please put a link so i can donate you too?
You are working so hard for the good people of aeternum, never heard before an everfall owner putting so much money from their pocket than you.
Punish me master if u said something that offended you …