"We have our heads above water"

Dear AGS,

I really understand the concept of “keeping the head above water” during a release. I’m a software developer by trade and so when I hear that you had a ton of trouble after release, I get it. When I hear you wanted to make changes but couldn’t because of everything else going on, I get it.

This is the nature of a release.

I think you’ve learned this lesson but, please, please, please: tell your customers what is going on.

I think the players that are left are hard core donkeys like myself who are in love with the game to the point where we’ll literally hug your burning corpse as we burn with you. We are not invested in your product because we hate it or post on Reddit because it stinks. We aren’t hanging out on doomed WorldSets with a single server housing max 130 active players because we believe the game will fail.

On the contrary. We believe the game will succeed.

Please keep giving us PTR pushes, interacting with the forums and the users, posting frequent updates (we love those), showing us love.

We’re in this together. Love the latest video update and the roadmap.

Thanks @Shadow_Fox and the rest of the crew.


I say it’s 50/50 for me on my motivation.

Half of my reason is to invest for when the game rebounds. The other half is because I enjoy it.

ye this is the only mmorpg i enjoy since a long time ago lol

Love the game.

Just feel like they are actually under water with a snorkle that has a hole in it.

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